What’s next for Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor

Last Saturday night we all watched as Dustin Poirier delivered a devastating 2nd round knockout/technical knock out of Conor McGregor and that begs the question; What’s next for Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor? Here’s our thoughts of the nights winner and loser.

Dustin Poirier:

With Khabib Nurmagomedov most likely retired, the UFC Lightweight championship is on the table. Some say that the winner of Poirier vs McGregor should be the champ, which means Poirier is the champ, but we disagree. Dustin is coming off of a one fight win streak (decisioning Dan Hooker) but losing via strangulation to the (current?) Champ, Khabib. He knocked Conor McGregor out but Conor is no way a contender for the light heavyweight championship (more on that later). We do feel Dustin’s next fight should be for the UFC Lightweight Championship of the world and we feel these five guys are the best contenders;

Charles Oliveira: This is a no brainier. The only person worthy of fighting for the UFC title at 155lbs is Charles Oliveira. Not only is Oliveira on a 4 year 8 fight win streak, but he systematically dismantled Tony Ferguson so bad, that Ferguson thought he broke Oliveira’s will and by the grace of God, Oliveira continued to whip him. Prior to Ferguson losing, he would have been the natural selection, but not just the fact that he lost, but how brutally he lost removes him from title contentions. The guy who brutilizaed  Ferguson should be the rightful heir to the throne.

Rafael Dos Anjos: Although Doos Anjos is on a one fight win streak, he looked rather impressive in his bout against Paul Felder and even though it was short notice, it was a banger. Dos Anjos is 2-3 over the last five bouts, but he looks refocused and evitalized. As a scrappy vet, he could prove an interesting challenge for Poirier.

Nate Diaz: The Stockton slapper and Poirier was slated to fight at UFC 230 back in 2018 but Poirier sustained an injury in training and withdrew from the event. At the 257 post fight confrence, Poirier said he’s “Always wanted to whip Nate Diaz’s ass” and this would be a good time for them to do it. Diaz has said he’s game

Georges St. Pierre: When asked if he’s retired, GSP never gives a direct answer, he only says if the money and opportunity is right, he will lace up. Well a shot at an unprecedented third UFC weight division title vs Poirier would be enough. GSP is the welterweight, middleweight and could possibly be the lightweight UFC champ. He would be the first person ever to hold bets in three different weight classes and would cement him as the greatest to ever do it.

Khabib Nurmagomedov: The Champ we are told by Dana White, is on the fence. The Champ tells us he is no where near the fence. He promised his momma. But if he’s not done and wants to get his perfect 30-0, then Poirier II would be the fight to make. Clearly “Do Bronx” Oliveira is the fight to make for Khabib, but that would be a more difficult fight for Khabib and we’re sure he wants an easy 30.

Conor McGregor

McGregor is a flyweight that has had some success at lightweight and welterweight. His record in both divisions is spotty at best and truth be told, he’s nothing more than a flyweight. That being said, he did starch Eddie Alvarez for the championship at lightweight.  He never defended the title and ended up getting stripped. He lost to Nurmagomedov for the title. McGregor is known for flashy and mouthy things and often times goes too far with the mouthy things. Being McGregor has so much time off between fights, he is no where near title contentions and anyone who says so is either new to MMA/UFC or a McGregor fanboy. After his humbling defeat, these are the five guys we think McGregor should face;

Nate Diaz: They are one and one with Diaz getting a rear naked choke strangulation win in their first bout, and McGregor getting a contested decision their second bout. Nate has said several times he’s only looking for money fights now because “Conor, you’re taking everything I’ve worked for”. The build up to this fight would be great and Nate has said he would like the fight to be at 155lbs. Conor just got starched at 155lbs vs Poirier so Nate would have the advantage. Nate has great boxing and slick jiu jitsu.

Michael Chandler: If McGregor wants a true shot at the lightweight championship, he would have to face an up and comer such as Chandler. Chandler had a devastating knock out on the same card as Poirier vs McGregor II, but being it was his first fight in the UFC, Chandler is no where near title fight contentions. That being said, getting a huge win over McGregor would put a feather in his cap and legitimize him as a contender in the UFC.

Jorge Masvidal: Jorge currently fights at Welterweight and lost his last match via decision to the champ, Kamaru Usman. Jorge has fought at lightweight previously so it’s very possible for him to drop the 15lbs to make lightweight. It wouldn’t make sense for them to fight at a catch-weight if  McGregor is looking for a good fight for title contentions. *We will admit this fight wouldn’t really have good contentions discussion, but both men are riding huge waves and coming off losses, it’d be a good fight to put them in the winners column and get the title discussion back on the table*

Tony Ferguson: Ferguson is coming off a total dismantling at the hands of Oliveria and this fight between the two makes the most sense. Stylistically, this fight is a nightmare for McGregor, but what better way to show he’s improved and ready for a championship bout than beating Ferguson? Both men need a “W” and as far as excitement goes, this fight will be a true fireworks fight. Tony is on a two fight skid taking a beating for five rounds to Gaethje, before being TKO in the fifth round. And being dominated by Oliveria. Both Tony and Conor have no love loss for each other so this could be a great fight.

Justin Gaethje: a few years ago, Justin was begging for this fight. The world wanted to see it, but McGregor was smart enough to avoid any Gaethje discussion. Now that both men are coming off a loss and looking to get back into contentions, this fight makes the most sense. Stylistically, this fight is a nightmare for McGregor as Gaethje pressures and is a master of the low leg kick, something McGregor has been exposed for not checking. Gaethje is now fighting smarter and while he dismantled Ferguson, he fell to the current? champ, Nurmagomedov. All title shot roads have to go through Gaethje, which means if McGregor wants a true shot at the title, he has to go through the man he’s been ducking.

Any/all these fights would be great to make and it’s our homes some or all of them happen.