Megan Anderson TKO Casey Kenney

Megan Anderson TKO Casey Kenney

If you’ve missed it, Women’s MMA title challenger Megan Anderson recently was a topic of “Smash or Pass” by Bantamweight new comer Casey Kenney.  Anderson, who is challenging Undisputed Women’s MMA G.O.A.T., Amanda Nunes was the topic of conversation when the co-host asked Kenney if he would have sex with UFC bantamweight Megan Anderson:

Kenney saying he’d pass, and the fact that Kenney is a professional fighter, fighting on the largest MMA stage there is, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is one thing. The main issue is BOTH Kenney and Anderson are on the same card! Which means they will see each other during various promo shoots and media scrums. The sexually harassing question eventually made it back to Anderson who rightfully so, had this to say:

This prompted Kenney to issue an apology:

While perhaps starting off with “I’m sorry this upset you“ is antagonizing at best, it is an apology but it’s only an apology because he got outed. What’s most unfortunate is that the three felt so comfortable to discuss this in an open discussion widely available to a public audience. Then again, here in the U.S.A., we’re in the early stages of bouncing back from four years of such degrading and demeaning actions being widely accepted.

But also, attorney Lucas Middlebrook mentioned something important, and that’s the fact that this may be a violation of the UFC’s code of conduct. Of course, we’ve seen that this is not even worth being bothered about because the UFC has been lax regarding the code of conduct to the point where it’s not entirely relevant.

Whether or not there’s any consequences for O’Malley or Kenney is yet to be seen, but at least Kenney tried to own up to it. Unfortunately, this has opened the floodgates to tons of terrible replies to Megan’s justified complaint, which speaks to the larger problem of this type of conduct being viewed as not only acceptable, but encouraged when it comes to talking about women in MMA.

What are your thoughts? Is this a bad move and hurts the legitimization of Women’s MMA? Or was it three guys having fun?