Breaking bread with Nettie

Breaking bread with Nettie

The South Coast is known for having some of the sexiest women in the country, but few dare to enter business and modeling and be an all around kick ass human! Here we find the sexy Nettie Magee, a professional singer, model and business owner. Lets break bread with Nettie:

So tell us, where are you originally from? I am from West Palm, Florida.

What do you do out there in West Palm? I’m a bit of a Renaissance Woman; I am a singer. Own my own business and also model because I enjoy it.

What are your measurements? I wear small bottoms and medium tops.

What is your favorite part of your body? My smile. It’s pretty great!

What would you like to accomplish in your modeling career? Do you plan to expand your image outside of modeling or into another genre? I am content where I am gone thus far in my career. I love shooting Bikini, lingerie and glamour styles and plan to stick with those.

What do you enjoy most about being a model: I love being in a role model position, but it’s also hard at times feeling that you have to live up to everyone’s expectations of what a typical “model” should be.

What is the best info you can give a new model? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone is beautiful. Also, take time to figure out who to work with and who not to. Not everyone is a good match.

If you had to walk away from modeling today, what would you miss? And what would you like to be remembered for? All the friendships I’ve made along the way and I’d like to be remembered for my kindness.

Oh Nettie, we’d remember you and we’re sure our visitors would as well!

Model: Nettie Magee

Photog: Gregg Hartley