Vanessa Goodmanson is Playboy’s Finest

Attention! We love a multi-talented woman and we’ve just fell head-over-heels for Vanessa Goodmanson. We’d have an easier time trying to list what this girl doesn’t do. Miss Goodmanson has many features under her belt including the likes of Playboy, Lowrider, Budweiser, the Japanese Beer Kirin and Maxim Spring Break Girl. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. Vanessa is the total package and she’s here on VIRILE to tell us why….like we already didn’t know ;)

Where are you originally from? Well I was born in Boise, Idaho but lived in Las Vegas as a child. My parents divorced and my mom remarried moving us to the midwest. I went to high school in Iowa and college in Minnesota. Now I reside in sunny Los Angeles, California :)

The great midwest. What was it like growing up in such a small town like Boise? There were both pros and cons of growing up in a small town in the midwest. The pros are that everyone who meets me is shocked at how down to earth and nice I am. I am thankful to have no ego and sense of entitlement. The cons are that it’s the same “small town” mindset..very close minded and you feel as if you can’t really be yourself. Another con would be that there is not much hope for people there if you want to make it in the entertainment industry, you have to venture to the city.

Were you the popular girl in high school? I think that I was well liked and on the outside, could appear popular. I think deep down I felt a bit like a black sheep because I knew there was more to life than what was around me.

Thats a very unique answer. How long have you been in the modeling industry? My mother had put me in modeling competitions and talent searches as a child.  I started pursuing modeling as an adult 3 years ago.

So, it’s safe to say you’re a natural! What prompted you to decide that you wanted to pursue modeling as a profession? I kept getting approached by photographers that told me I had a great look. I had thought of it as a way to bring in extra income. I slowly got sucked in again haha :) I mean I love the camera and having my picture taken.

I’m sure the readers would like to know, are you single? Yes :) I am single as of now, dating casually though.

What are your measurements? 5ft, 95 lbs 32 B -24-32

I sometimes grab your ass or send you a flirty wink..I am highly affectionate.

Give us 5 words that you think best describe you? Bubbly, Spicy, Driven, Passionate, Silly.

What would you say is your best asset? What do others compliment you on the most?
I like my smile :) I love smiling. It feels good and people always point out my dimples. I guess I would say people say my smile or my eyes :)

How do you stay in such great shape? I have a major case of ADD so I prefer to go to the beach to run, dance, areobics, salsa dance….

Do you have a favorite brand of clothing (and/or shoes)?
I think every girl adores a good Christian Louboutin heel :) as far as clothes I am no snob. I shop everywhere. If it looks good, I wear it -simple :)

What type of man are you attracted to?
I look for a man with compassion and who is a true gentlemen.  I like guys who are not cocky and rude. I have a soft spot for a man if he is good with his family or his pets. I like a guy who I can trust so cheaters are a no no. I’m an honest girl so I look for someone who is honest and isn’t afraid to tell me what’s on his mind.

It sounds that you know what you want. What trait do you think is most important to you in determining a man’s attractiveness?
Confidence can make any man look better and lack of it can make any attractive man less.

Once you’re attracted to someone, how do you show it? I get very flirty and if I have a few drinks in me, game over!! You will not stand a chance :) you are my prey. I sometimes grab your ass or send you a flirty wink. I am highly affectionate.

Ha! We have to watch out for you at the bar! You also hang out at the Playboy mansion pretty often, what’s it like? There is always a bevy of beauties to mingle with. It is crazy you see everything, especially naked people haha.  I have had some of my best times at the mansion.

What qualities do you think the man of the future should have?
Well for starters, he had better be mature and not be in a “boy” mindframe. I want someone who is strong and ready to be my man. I hope he is patient and can listen well.

When it comes to men, what are some of your turn offs? Rudeness, cockiness, neediness and immaturity. I don’t like guys who are players either. That is sooooo overrated. I don’t like guys with cheesy pickup lines, just be yourself.

What are some tips you’d like the give he guys on how to get a hot girl like yourself?
I would have to say be yourself and come at me with respect.

Note taken. What would you like to accomplish in your modeling career? I would like to land a few more magazines and maybe try some TV things.  Yes, I think life is too short not to try everything once.

What do you enjoy most about modeling? I enjoy taking pictures and getting glammed up. I enjoy that I can interact with many people because of it.

How does it make you feel to be in front of the camera? A little tiger comes out! Everyone jokes that I am such a little ham.

Do you love the attention you get from being a highly sought after model?
Yes I do. It can be a little annoying at times because people can have these preconceived notions about who you are already. I am very social and love the fact that it allows me to interact with all types of people.

What was your most exciting accomplishment thus far in your 3 years modeling? Appearing in Playboy Magazine and maybe even doing another shoot for them soon ;)

What is your favorite city to visit? I always have fun in Vegas. I can only go for 1 or 2 days though haha it tends to get very very wild!

Where can we see more of you Vanessa?

To see all the photos we can’t show you here, visit her bio on our sister site, GLAMOUR MODEL MAGAZINE