Who is the most beautiful woman in the VIRILEMAG world? Well let’s find out! Models; this is your chance to make an easy 150.00USD and earn the right to say you’re the most beautiful model ever featured on VIRILEMAG!

The competition is super simple for you; get the votes. What we will NOT do is rig it so who WE want to win, will win. No one will need to “buy” votes. This will be as fair and easy for everyone! Here’s the rules of the contest:

  1. You must have a feature on website.
  2. You must like our Facebook AND Instagram
  3. If you want, send your fans over to like your feature on our site here as well as like it on our socials

We will take all votes from your feature and social likes and add them up. The winner gets 150.00USD paid to them. We prefer Paypal (We will send via Family and Friends so you get the full balance) but can also send via Cashapp, Zelle or Venmo.

We will be doing a larger comp later in the year with a larger purse and all are eligible to enter even if you won this time.

If interested reach out to us here via the site or our social media FB or IG to get the feature questions. Good luck!

Model in the flyer is Yael Shelbia who was voted “Most beautiful woman ever” in  2021. Not by us, but a different org.