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Top 12 Most Annoying Movie Franchises

Hollywood ceases to amaze each year. I'm referring to the myriad of mostly unwanted or irritating sequels that the movie industry shoves down our throats each year. With yet another Twilight movie media blitz bombarding the media over the weekend, I've taken the liberty of creating a list of the most annoying movie franchises of recent memory. Have at it!

Underworld: Awakening#12 Underworld
This was a tough one. The Underworld franchise isn't exactly that bad, but if you've seen one, you have to ask yourself just who's asking for these monotonous sequels. Regardless, Underworld: Awakening is yet another sequel to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting public. We can understand that a lot of fanboys love to see Kate Beckinsale wrapped in a tight latex jumpsuit laying waste to hordes of mentally impaired looking werewolves -- but come on. When are we going to actually develop a coherent storyline?

Scream 4#11 Scream
Like many guys in their late 20's, I saw the original Scream when I was a teenager and I have to admit that it was pretty damn good then. That was fifteen years ago. Wes Craven should have learned that quitting while you are ahead is not really quitting at all. The plot of Scream 2 was so bad, I wonder how Craven is still allowed to direct movies, let alone produce the underwhelming Scream 3 & 4.

Live Free or Die Hard#10 Die Hard
If there was ever a movie that lived up to it's title, it's Die Hard. Not only is it's main protagonist hard to kill, so is this franchise. If you have to add the Apple guy to your cast, then maybe it's time to call it a day. In 2013, we will witness the fifth installment of Bruce Willis' race against time to do whatever it is he does with the cheesy "yippie ki-yay" catch phrase to follow. If he will actually die hard this time, I think the fans would be pleased.

The Ring#9 The Ring
There is a disturbing trend of the movie going public swearing that a particular movie is more horrifying than it actually is. The people behind The Ring were one of the pioneers of this trend. Originally a cheesy remake of the 1998 Japanese horror flick by the same name, both Ring movies went on to generate over $410 million dollars worldwide. The Ring 3D is next in line to scare the piss out of us....or not.

Top 12 Most Annoying Movie Franchises Continued...

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