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The Best NBA Players to Never Win A Championship

John Stockton & Karl MaloneI grew up during the 1990s, arguably the greatest era of the NBA. Back then, there were household names on a wide variety of teams which is a stark comparison to the today's clubs. As game 3 of the NBA Finals begins today, two of the NBA's most well known non-champions (Lebron James and Dirk Nowitzki) are going head to head for either to win his first league championship. The guys over at Ball Don't Lie have compiled a comprehensive list of the best players to never win it all but we  have appended that list. Here are our top 5 players to never win an NBA championship.

Jason Kidd#5 Jason Kidd

Years Active: 17

NBA Finals Appearances: 3

Jason Kidd was the premiere point guard during the early 2000's. He led the New Jersey Nets to the NBA finals in back-to-back seasons only to be squashed by the Shaq/Kobe L.A. Lakers squad in both years. Kidd is one of the best point guards of his generation and is currently matched against Lebron James and the Miami Heat in pursuit of his first ring. He has played the most playoff games of any active player who has not won a championship.

#4 Allen IversonAllen Iverson

Years Active: 15

NBA Finals Appearances: 1

If you were a kid in the late 1990's then you know the hottest player in the NBA was Allen Iverson. He had the bad boy image, the shoe deal and a cross over dribble that was made for the highlight reel. Iverson was never surrounded by a solid supporting cast in his hey day in Philly. Despite this, he managed to lead his team into the 2001 NBA finals but was soundly beaten by Kobe Bryant, Shaq and the L.A. Lakers. Iverson was also league MVP and scoring champion despite his 6'0" frame. He was rated the 5th greatest NBA shooting guard of all time by ESPN in 2008.

Karl Malone

#3 Karl Malone

Years Active: 19

NBA Finals Appearances: 3

"The Mailman" was one of the most prolific players in the NBA during a career that spanned just shy of 20 years. He was a 14 year all star and two time MVP. With his teammate, John Stockton, he racked up many individual and franchise records but an NBA ring eluded him. He reached the finals twice in the late 90s, only to be defeated by Jordan and the Bulls. He joined Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in 2004 but were defeated by the Detroit Pistons. Malone retired without a championship.

Patrick Ewing

#2 Patrick Ewing

Years Active: 17

NBA Finals Appearances: 1

Patrick Ewing was the epitome of the New York Knicks for more than a decade. Ewing was an 11x All-Star and NBA Rookie of the Year. The former #1 draft pick led a solid Knicks team to the Eastern Conference playoffs year after year, only to be thwarted my the Jordan-led-Bulls teams of the '90s. In 1994, after Jordan's brief retirement, Ewing made it to the NBA Finals but was defeated in Game 7 by Hakeem Olajuwon and the Houston Rockets.

Charles Barkely

#1 Charles Barkley

Years Active: 16

NBA Finals Appearances: 1

Charles Barkley lands at the #1 spot. The players on this list have mostly gone quiet in retirement but in my opinion, he deserves the slot since he is still the most outspoken of all the players until this day. Barkley was a dominate player in his days with the Philadelphia 76ers and the Phoenix Suns. He was an 11x All-Star and one time NBA MVP. After many failed attempts to get past the dominate Bulls, Pistons and Knicks teams of the 90s, Barkley journeyed west and made it to the NBA Finals with the Phoenix Suns in 1993. The Suns, reached the NBA Finals but were defeated by the Jordan-led Bulls in six games.

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