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The 12 Sexiest Female Movie Villans

No.4 Demi Moore as Madison Lee

Demi Moore as Madison Lee in "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle"Demi Moore as Madison Lee in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle was an amazing sight to see. Madison Lee was slighted by Charlie and decided to take it out on the entire world apparently -- like most women. However, this lady chooses to express herself trough a pair of solid gold pistols as her toned body is fitted with lingerie and draped in a fur coat. We could sit through a couple more of those horrible Angel flicks just to see that again.

No.3 Angelina Jolie as Fox

Angelina Jolie as Fox in "Wanted"Fox from 2008's Wanted reeled many a man into the movie theaters from the trailers alone, showing Angelina Jolie's naked tattooed backside. A deadly, super human assassin who doesn't mind getting butt naked at the drop of a hat? Sign me up. Not only that, but the movie was surprisingly good. Let's not forget, Fox was almost surgical with that shot gun. Sexy.

No.2 Megan Fox as Jennifer Check

Megan Fox as Jennifer Check in "Jennifer's Body"You just knew this pick would be pretty high ranking, huh? Megan Fox already owns the rights to the sexy bad girl look but she sure cashed in on her hotness as Jennifer Check in 2009's Jennifer's Body. The demonic man-eater lured teenage boys to their violent deaths yet found time to make out with another chick somewhere in between the process. Well done.

No.1 Kate Nauta as Lola

Kate Nauta as Lola in "Transporter 2"The Transporter was already a staple amongst the community of bad-ass man movies. The second installation saw fit to include a gun-toting, lingerie-sporting, snarl-bearing female assassin by the name of Lola to up the ante. One look at Lola made the Transporter 2 one of our instant favorites. Was it the way she shot up a hospital full of patients with two huge pistols while in lingerie and red 4-inch heels? Maybe. Just maybe. There are plenty of examples we could fire off but this was the perfect mix of a female villan with the split personality of being vindictive and seductive.

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