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Terrell Owens is Broke and It’s Everyone Else’s Fault But His

Terrell Owens is Broke and It's Everyone Else's Fault But HisFormer NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens is broke and he wants you to know that it's everyone else's fault but his. Owens recently gave GQ magazine and in depth view of his current financial and emotional struggles due to a roller coaster NFL career shortened by a knee injury. Now, at 38-years-old and casted out of professional football, he's lonelier than ever, and running out of money fast. In the interview, Owens comes across as wounded, broke and desperate.  The question is, who's fault is it? Terrell makes claims that everyone else's mistakes lead to his fall from grace. He blames the media for painting the picture of his demise after his injury. He blames his representative, super agent Drew Rosenhaus, for not protecting him from shady investments and business deals. T.O. even goes so far as to blame a former team captain for his issues with former Philadelphia teammate and quarterback Donovan McNabb. Owens earned over $80 million during his NFL career, but somehow he finds fault in everyone but himself to why he squandered it:

"It's not a matter of having lived too large -- he was never the type to stockpile Ferraris or build himself a compound; the flashiest car he ever drove was a Mercedes, and while he indeed racked up a few homes that cost as much as $4 million, the only crib he classifies as even mildly sick by pro-ball standards was the one he bought in Atlanta to live in during the Philly off-season.

The problem, he says, is that he's by nature too trusting, loyal to a fault, despite everyone's carping that he's selfish. It's the sad old stereotypical song of the up-from-nothing black athlete: He let other people take care of things."

Terrell Owens and "loyal" are not two words many of us have ever used in a sentence together to describe his antics. The majority of the reason why he in this current situation is because of his disloyalty to NFL franchises, coaches and his own teammates. Additionally, Owens can look down in his pants for something else to put the blame on. He has fathered four children by four different women, which amounts to over $53,000 a month in child support payments which he cannot currently pay.

This tragic story seems to go and on and on, and sadly it will continue until Mr. Owens can learn to finally take responsibility for his own actions and decisions. Let's at least hope he was compensated for this interview.

Source: The Post Game

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