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SR Project Superleggera “Vixious”

A sharp, eye catching automobile is a masterpiece of art just as any Picaso or Rembrandt. The attention of detail put into these dream machines is uncanny and not only do they take our eyes into visual bliss - they are fully functional creations that are capable of pristine handling and blinding speed. The innovators at SR Auto Group are masters of this craft and they have delivered an exclusive insight into "Project Vixious" exclusive to VIRILE.

Project Vixious is loud. It’s unconventional. It’s about stopping traffic and feeling every single pair of eyes fixate on you.

This is our concept behind the color, the look, the sound.

Starting with its body upgrades, we added a RSC LP560 Front Bumper for a wider, more demanding face.

Next, we added some kick with the Larini Exhaust. This is a beautifully crafted system, and it provided the exact tone we were looking for.

It’s about stopping traffic and feeling every single pair of eyes fixate on you.

It is then dropped to our desired height with swift lowering springs to match the profile of the wheel design.

We called upon PUR Wheels to bring us Design 2W0 with a perfect fitment of 20 x 8.5 /  20 x 11.0.

For the finish, it could have easily been a conventional, simple matte black. Yet, it’s like choosing between black oxfords vs. blue suedes wingtips – you have to go with what makes you think twice.

SR Project Lamborghini Superleggera "Vixious"

We went right against the grain and went with the Lumiere Grey finish. It is truly what makes Project Vixious pop against its energetic body color.

We often get asked – Why didn’t we do orange earlier?

Well, to be honest – we didn’t think Vancouver was ready for it. Till now.

It’s about having the right machine, right driver, and ofcourse – the right personality.

-SR Auto Group

SR Project Lamborghini Superleggera "Vixious"SR Project Lamborghini Superleggera "Vixious"

SR Project Lamborghini Superleggera "Vixious"


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