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Rise of the Planet of the Apes Official Trailer

I've never been a fan of the Planet of the Apes franchise. As a kid,  the ending of the original 1968 sci-fi film was spoiled numerous times through pop culture references in other shows and movies during the 80s. The 2001 reboot starring Mark Wahlberg and Michael Clarke Duncan barely sparked my interests enough to make it in my Netflix que. Now, it's 10 years later and we have a re-re-boot of the original film entitled Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Judging from the trailer, THIS is something I can get behind!

The new film starts from scratch showing us just how the planet of the apes came into existence. The story begins as Will Rodman (played by James Franco) is working on a cure for Alzheimer's by performing tests on apes. The first test subject is Caesar. The cure genetically modifies his way of thinking to create a new breed of ape with human-like intelligence. Caesar learns well, but human authority continues to test him and contain him. He eventually proves smart enough to break free from his cage and release the cure among other apes, affecting other apes like Caesar and ushers in a war between humans and apes. The film is set for release August 5, 2011.

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