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Rejected Characters From ‘Street Fighter 2′

Street Fighter 2 was probably the most prolific video game ever to be released. It practically changed video games and the way we see them back in the early 1990s. The original 11 world warriors were household names, if fact,  some still are to this day. We all know about the Japansese name-switch between Balrog, Bison, and Vega in order to avoid a potential lawsuit from Mike Tyson's lawyers over his likeness. However, there were a group of street fighters that didn't exactly make the cut and Fighterpedia got their hands on the original concepts. Let's be thankful that they didn't. If you're watching the video, you may just ask yourself just WTF Capcom was thinking with some of the bizarre and over the top character design. From a cop in riot gear to Zangief's original name being Vodka Gorbalsky (kinda bad ass isn't it?), a lot of changes were made for the better in order to produce the game that most of us can remember dominating our child hood.

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