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Playboy Natural’s Lauren Waugh Tells All

Lauren, where were you born & raised?
I was born and raised in Owasso, Oklahoma. I moved to Tulsa which is about 15 minutes from Owasso. I travel often though so I feel like I’m never home.

So you’re an ‘Okie’ ! What was it like growing up in Owasso?
It’s not a very big town (well it is now) but wasn’t when I was growing up. I loved it though. I cheered Varsity all throughout High School and I’m still close with some friends I grew up with. Tulsa is a lot bigger than Owasso but I like the small town feeling. I do love Tulsa though. There are so many cute places to shop & go out to eat in Downtown Tulsa.

Raised in a small town, how were you brought into the modeling industry?
Playboy. Playboy had a big influence on my modeling career. I always knew I wanted to pose for Playboy. Most of my work has been with them and it started with Playboy in 2009 when I attended a casting call.

What are your measurements?
My measurements are 34C-24-33. I’m very petite.

I hate to admit this but a guy who acts like he is not interested in me drives me insane. Everyone wants what they can’t have.

Good things come in small packages! Now i pick your eyes, they’re unbelievable. But tell me, what would you say is your best asset?
I do like my eyes and that’s usually what I get complimented on the most but I also love my abs. Like I said before I cheered most of my life so that has helped my body stay in shape!

That’s sexy. So tell us, how does a man catch your attention?
Teeth & Personality. Teeth are usually the first thing I look at. Personality is a huge thing too. I love being with someone who can make me laugh and is a real, down to earth person.

Understandable. What type of guys do you like?
I don’t really have a certain style of guys I like, all of my boyfriends have been different but I love guys with a sense of humor and musicians are nice too.

What part of a man do you think is sexiest?
Eyes and teeth. Pretty eyes with a great smile is a big thing for me.

Let’s take it up a notch, are you the quiet type in the bedroom or the loud one?
Depends on the guy and situation but I would say I’m in between. Not too loud but not too quiet ;)

Intriguing. What puts you ‘in the mood’?
Wine. Anytime I drink wine I instantly feel sexy and want to have sex.

When it comes to the characteristics of a man, tell us some of your turn-offs.
Being overly cocky. That is SO gross to me, or bragging about money or what kind of job you have. Especially being in this industry, nothing is more of a turn off than hearing “I’m a director" or model, etc.

At least we know you’re not a gold digger. How does a man keep you interested?
I hate to admit this but a guy who acts like he is not interested in me drives me insane. Everyone wants what they can’t have.

Very true. What qualities should your ideal man to carry?
Have a great personality, someone I can trust, someone who is down to earth and real, someone who can make me laugh, and someone who is close with their family.

Not so much to ask. So how long have you been apart of Playboy?
About 3 years now. I attended a casting call in 2009 at the mansion and I’ve been shooting for them every since. Playboy is a great company & I love staying at the mansion. Everyone is so nice and it’s like a family and home away from home.

Aside from modeling, what are some of your hobbies/interests?
I’m kinda nerdy to be honest. I don’t really go out much. I had my party stage when I was younger so I’m kinda over it now. I love staying at home and watching movies or reading. I also love being with my friends, family, and boyfriend.

Conservative. What would you say some of your most exciting accomplishments are?
I’ve always made good grades in school so that is always a good accomplishment but as for Hooters, I’ve been with the company for 2 years now and I love it most of the time. I went to the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant in 2010 which was live on Spike TV. It was an awesome experience and I’m glad I got to go. I’ve also been on billboards and numerous nationwide advertisement.

Any future projects you’re looking forward to?
Just to finish school and continue my modeling work. I’d love to pose for FHM, Maxim, or American Curves. 

I believe you’d fit in just right with all 3. So, where can we see more of you?
I’m a HUGE Twitter addict so follow me @laurenhwaugh or like my Facebook Fan Page and I’m always updating my website with new things I’m doing officiallaurenwaugh.com.

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