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Pamela Jean Noble: Dreaming Big

Pamela Jean Noble: Dreaming Big

We sure do love a sexy woman. It's something about them that drives us wild. Is it the curves? Is it the killer smile? Could it even be a gorgeous set of eyes seductively beckoning at you? Who knows! What we do know is that Pamela Jean Noble has all of them and then some! Just how does a small town, self proclaimed 'dorky' girl grow to ooze so much sex appeal that is should be outlawed? Well, Pamela tells us herself in today's interview. Photos by Aaron Riveroll.

Where are you originally from?
I am originally from Fontana, California. It's pretty much only known for having the California Speedway.

So, you're a small town girl. What was it like growing up in Fontana?
I loved it. I feel like its a little country city in California. My brother and sister live in Georgia and it reminds me of that. With all the craziness in my life, coming from a little not-so-busy city keeps me rooted and makes me love coming home.

Were you the popular girl in high school?
(laughs) Absolutley not! I was one of the dorks for sure! Being in all honors classes and choir does not make you popular but I loved it! I had the two best friends a girl could ask for and hung out with a group of people that could always make me smile. Moments I will never forget!

High school wasn't that long ago for you I see. How has entering this industry at a young age been for you?
Umm most definitely challenging. You'll always have the people saying you can't do it or trying to put you down. I've never stopped dreaming though. I've always set goals and then dream up even bigger ones when I've reached those. You learn very quickly that you can't trust everyone but the few people you can trust with everything, you'll cherish forever. No matter what I always have my family who have been the most supportive people. Its perfect to because my mom will always say "I'm so proud of you and everything you've accomplished, but if you ever let it go to your head I'll slap you and bring you back to reality!" Got to love a mom like that!

Thanks mom ;) When did you decide that you wanted to pursue modeling as a profession?
I actually never really decided. I have always been an actress first since I was a very little girl and one day a make up artist that had worked with me on a music video had contacted me. She said I have a picture up of you showing the make up I did off and everyone always asks about booking you for shoots but I don't know what to tell them because you don't model. Then, she asked me if I've ever considered it. Next thing I know she had set up a huge shoot with make up artists, hair stylist, designers and a photographer. The pictures came back and were so great. Very next shoot I was shooting for Surf illustrated. The rest is history ;)

I'm sure the readers would like to know, are you single?
I am very single been single for almost two and a half years now. Until I find a man that is supportive, can make me laugh, and just be chill then finally I won't be single.

What are your measurements?
5'7", 135 lbs. 32D, 27, 33

Everybody always says my butt! Guys, girls, everyone. I always get you have booty for a white girl.

Give me 5 words that you think best describe you?
1. Anything 2. But 3. The 4. Ordinary 5. Girl =]

Pretty clever! What would you say is your best asset? What do others compliment you on the most?
Everybody always says my butt! Guys, girls, everyone. I always get you have booty for a white girl.

Do you have a favorite brand of clothing (and/or shoes)? 
Anything comfortable! I love Sullen Clothing and Jaco is super amazing as well. Shoes: I cant live without my vans or converse!

Outside of modeling, what are some your hobbies/pastimes?
I love MMA and baseball! Im always in the gym or working on my house. I love to go out dancing or just lay low and watch a movie. I'm also an avid Disneyland visitor.

What type of man are you attracted to? 
I like outgoing guys. Guys that aren't worried about what other people think and can be dorky. I love nice smiles and guys that can get along with my family because they mean the world to me.

Interesting. What trait do you think is most important for you in determining someone's attractiveness?
If they are cocky or not. If a guy is cocky he is instantly unattractive to me.

You hear that fellas? With that being said, what qualities do you think the man of your future should have?
Smart, can make me laugh, will have my back and be supportive even if I have to be absent due to my career.

When it comes to men, what are some of your turn offs?
The biggest is like I said being cocky. I also hate when a guy cant be dorky and is to worried about looking cool. Im a huge dork so that won't work. Im also a tom boy so if a guy takes longer to get ready than me ,once again, no bueno.

Would you say you are pretty comfortable with your body?
Yes and no. I love my body, but Im not too comfortable with showing it off to the world. Im sort of conservative when it comes to that. I can do it at shoots when theres only 5 people on set but otherwise I can get shy.

Pamela Jean Noble: Dreaming Big

You? A shy girl? That's hard to imagine. What do you do differently to set yourself apart from other models?
I'm always wanting to try new things and challenges. Im always changing my hair so I look different from photoshoot to photoshoot whether it means dying it, cutting it, whatever the cost. I also like to try different kinds of shoots I have high fashion, pictures of me covered with tattoos, clothing shoots, bikini shoots, punkrock shoots, and now I'm trying to move into the world of fitness modeling. A whole new set of challenges. I want my portfolio to be very diverse.

What were some of your most notable appearances? 
My most notable acting appearances is my lead role in Resurrection Mary, being on Fuel TV's The Daily Habit Show, and my national Hooters commercial. As far as modeling right now its being in the best selling TAPOUT Magazine issue (July 2011) this year. I've also been in Tattoo magazine, Niteguide, Skinnie Magazine and Fighters Only. You can see me modeling for Sullen Clothing, Skin Industries, O'neal MX, and Fresh Peaches bikinis. I was also recently featured as Miss COED.

That's one hell of a resume you have in such a short amount of time. What do you enjoy most about modeling?
I love that you get to become a different person and just go up and do your thing for a couple of hours. Its nice to get all done up and feel sexy no matter what the shoot is.

How does being in front of the camera make you feel?
Its exhilerating! I get butterflies still every time which to me shows me I still love what I do! I've got to work with some amazing people and try to take everything in and still learn from every new gig.

What was your most exciting accomplishment thus far?
I just got my first billboard last month which was the coolest thing ever to me! I got to drive by it the day after it went up and see myself 50 feet up in the air. I started tearing up (laughing) I always cry now when I'm super happy about something!

What is your favorite city to visit?
I really would like to go to Miami, New York City, Sydney Australia, and Cairo Egypt. See the world and experince everything!

Before you begin travelling the world, where can we see more of you Pamela?
You can see more of me at PamelaJeanNoble.net, my Facebook, and Twitter @pamelajean01. Find me, talk to me, love me, stalk me ;) Thanks for the amazing interview!!

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