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One on One with the Deliciously Sinful Dylan

One on One with the Deliciously Sinful DylanHailing from the west coast, Dylan Fitzpatrick is a delicious treat just for the guys. We mean that literally and figuratively. Not only is she one of the cutest models to grace our pages, but she has a serious sweet tooth! Her website dylicioustreats.com is an ode to her taste buds but she has the brains to back up those killer looks as well. Luckily, she dropped in to deliver us a ton of eye candy. Follow her @dylansHotFire

Photos: Rachel Serruya

Where are you originally from?
Toronto Beaches.

What is your nationality?
I am a mix of everything. Predominately Irish. According to my Mom I have some Japanese in me.

What are your measurements?
I am 5'4.  34 D, 24, 34

Give us 5 words that you think best describe you?
Hungry! ( I love desserts and candy, and I am always in the mood for them) loyal, creative, listener ( I am a Psychology student so I am always up to listen when my friends need someone to talk to) , optimistic.

It's not sexy to have 20 girl friends, but it is to have 1 girlfriend and 19 others wanting you.

You're a Sagittarius, how would you describe your personality in that regard?
I am a Sagittarius.  I don't know much about zodiac signs, so I am unaware of the characteristics of a Sagittarius. I share the sign with a lot of idiots, which makes it difficult for me to believe my horoscopes.

What would you say is your best asset?
My feet. I have perfect feet, if you don't agree you're lying.

Pretty feet, huh? That is unique. How long have you been a model?
I've been professionally modeling since 2007, when I won a beauty pageant. I have been  self proclaimed model since birth. I took picture day in elementary school very seriously.

How did get your start in modeling?
Opportunities came my way after the beauty pageant. My mom has always had a subscription to Victoria Secret, and at the age of 6 I was positive that'd be my profession. Unfortunately someone had to break it to me that the models were giants and only looked short in the magazines.

What were some of your most notable features? Do you have a personal favorite?
I was asked to do the Sunshine Girl calendar. Between you and me, and everyone reading this, I was thinking "no thank you". I thought I was so above a news paper's calendar. It ended up being the best exposure. They made me the cover girl and it did wonders for my career. My favorite has to be the work I do with Allure Lingerie. Their line is amazing #nopromo

What do you enjoy most about modeling?
I enjoy the fact that it keeps me striving to look my best. I've become a dessert critic, and without the balance of modeling, and the motivation to stay fit, I'd be a fat mess eating dessert and candy 24/7.

Do you enjoy the constant attention and adoration that comes with being a glamour model?
I adore the pride my love ones get to of my success. If the people around me weren't so proud of me, I'd find little satisfaction from the praise I receive.

Let's switch gears to learn more about what makes you tick. What type of man are you attracted to?
A confident man.  I can tell if someone is actually confident, or thinks they are. Guys that go around treating girls like shit aren't confident. It's not sexy to have 20 girl friends, but it is to have 1 girlfriend and 19 others wanting you.

One on One with the Deliciously Sinful Dylan

Good one. What personal qualities do you think the men of the future should have?
Men of the future should be aware that although equality is alive, chivalry is not dead.

What body part of a man do you think is sexiest?
His brain. His appetite.

When it comes to your taste in men, pick one: "the bad boy" or "the nice guy"?
I like a mix of the two. He can be a "bad boy" asshole to everyone else, but a "nice guy" sweetheart to me.

When it comes to men, what are some of your turn offs?
Liars. Lie about something as minuscule as the weather and I will remove you from my life. Insecurity. Anyone that knows me knows that a guy on a diet makes me so turned off. If you want to get toned, thats one thing. A guy that looks disappointed in himself for eating some candy, just lost all my respect. Insecure little boy.

What's the most memorable thing a guy has done to get your attention?
Went to 3 different bakeries to make a the perfect box of a dozen of my favorite cupcakes.  Shout out to Zak Longo.

In contrasts, what was the worse thing?
You might get a girls attention when you try to make them jealous by being with other girls. That only gets my attention to forget you.

Do you have a quote that you live by?
"Everything happens for a reason."

What is your favorite city?
Los Angeles. I also love Las Vegas, so much candy.

So, where can we see more of you?
My website is in the works. My dessert website features some model shots www.dylicioustreats.com
My model Mayhem http://www.modelmayhem.com/1613214
I post a lot of modeling shots on twitter. So follow suit. @dylansHotFire

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