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Media Erupts Over White Michael Vick

Media Explodes Over White Michael Vick

I awoke this morning to find a picture of a white Michael Vick plastered all over my television screen. The photoshopped rendering above accompanied an article entitled "What if Michael Vick were white?" to appear in ESPN The Magazine. Apparently, this created a huge debate on social media outlets and has spilled into the mainstream media.

Media Erupts Over White Michael VickThe magazine sought to encourage thought about that question with an accompanying photo illustration of Vick as a white person. The story was written by culture critic Toure' and even he has expressed his disdain with a white-faced version of Vick. Venting through Twitter, Toure' wrote that, "I asked them not to call it What If Vick Were White but they did." Also, "I had no idea they'd put a pic of Vick in whiteface."

Toure' appeared on CNN early this morning to clarify the situation. The discussion spilled over into whether this was a way to open a debate to if Vick is still held as a pariah is some demographics due to his race. What do you think? Read more at ESPN. The full article appears in the September 5th edition of ESPN The Magazine.

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