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One on One with Red Headed Beauty Makayla Goings

One on One with Red Headed Beauty Makayla Goings

If you’re looking for sex appeal, you’ve come to the right spot. There’s nothing more fascinating than a red headed woman. Feast your eyes on Makayla Goings. When you come across a woman like this it’s hard not to stare. Enough teasing you, let’s find out more about this captivating beauty shall we?

Makayla, where are you originally from?
New Hampshire, Born and Raised! :D

The Granite State! What was it like growing up in such a self-sufficient place?
Growing up in New Hampshire was always full of adventure. We were very active growing up. It was either hiking the mountains, camping, or walking the trails of our very large (262 acres) back yard while we went "treasure hunting." TV wasn't something our family got together and watched much and I've come to truly appreciate that now more then ever since all of my family lives so far from me now.

I can see where the NH motto “Live Free or Die” comes into play. How do you like living in Florida apposed to New Hampshire?
I love Florida for its own reasons, the beaches, sunny weather all year round, and the fact it doesn't snow. (I don't like the cold very much lol) I can always visit NH, but Florida is where I call home now. What I miss most about living in NH was the adventure and scenery. You can't see the mountain views in Florida.

So you’ve adapted positively with the Florida lifestyle. How were you brought into the modeling industry?
Like most young women, America's Next Top Model was a big influence for me, but I wanted to model well before the show started. For me, modeling started with me taking my own pictures and finding what angles work for me. From that point I started to post those pictures on random modeling sites hoping it would get me noticed, then a photographer named Manny Proven contacted me about doing a shoot. It went amazing, It felt so natural to me. So from that point on we shot several times after and then I decided to make a portfolio on a web site called Model Mayhem and the rest is history. I've been modeling for about 4 years now and am truly blessed to have gotten as far as I have with absolutely no help from any agency.

What are your measurements?

I like a strong, confident man that knows what he wants.

We’d like to know, what type of man are you attracted to?
I like a strong, confident man that knows what he wants. Some one that doesn't think twice about being the protector. As far as looks go, I know it's so cliché but tall, dark, and handsome.

Can’t go wrong with strong and standard. What part of a man would you say is the sexiest?
I love a great smile and really pretty eyes!

Do you make it obvious what you want or are you the more quiet type?
I used to be the more quiet type but I've grown out of that lol

Wise. What is something a man could do or say to completely turn you off?
It's been a while since I was on the dating scene but I can't stand when a guy acts like someone he's not to impress a girl. It doesn't work and we can see right through it. That, and all the pick up lines they use. Just be yourself!

Yeah, a lot of men have trouble understanding that realization. With that in mind, what are some qualities your future husband should carry?
He needs to be sensitive but still a strong person. Someone that just clicks with me and can make me laugh when I'm feeling down. It's the little things that make the big difference.

Are you single?
I am not single, I've been in a relationship going on 6 years now :D

What do you enjoy most about being a model?
It's the feeling I get from shooting that I love so much. As well as seeing the final image as the "Art" it is. Fashion expresses so much feeling that most people don't understand. It's a power all on it's own.

It almost appears you could get away with any hair color. You’re beautiful. What made you stick with red?
Red is purely me! It allows me to be more diverse and it sets me apart from all the other models. There isn't a lot of red heads that I know of. So I want to break into the industry as that one that can represent us all, being natural or not. :D One on One with Red Headed Beauty Makayla Goings

I love how you think! Uniqueness always stands out of a crowd. What would you say some of your most exciting accomplishments are?
The most exciting accomplishment I have to say would be flipping through a magazine and seeing myself! That's what I have worked so hard for and all this time and patience has finally paid off! Nothing can beat that feeling...Nothing!

Awesome. Are there any specific goals that you are focused on reaching at the present time?
I'm always looking to be published so I have a few things in the works, My focus is to be in the fashion industry but because of my height the odds are slim but I won't give up!

Quitters never prosper ;) So, where can we see more of you?
You can check out my whole portfolio at my  Facebook Fan Page. My website will be coming out soon so be on the look out! ;D


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