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Interview with Inked Vixen Bernadette Macias

We have a treat for you today fellas. Some of our most popular girls on VIRILE are tattooed beauties, so it's a no-brainer to add the sexy Bernadette Macias a.k.a. Ms. Murder to the mix. Hailing from Loma Lima, California, that gorgeous face can be seen as the cover girl for Sullen clothing line and many nationwide campaigns including No Fear and Rockstar energy drink. We've had the opportunity to sit down with the alluring Ms. Murder...

Where are you originally from?
No where :D I was born in Loma Linda but didn't live there long. I travelled with my parents and sister the majority of my life. My dad was the international VP for Nokia my entire childhood so we lived every where. I came back to the states a little before my 20th bday :)

Where are you living now?
Good ol' Redlands

How does where you’re living now differentiate from where you grew up?
Completely different. Growing up, I always lived in downtown areas & now I'm in a small city. Growing up I rode metros, subways and city busses but now I drive....well sit in traffic :D Everything is so different...

It's quite tough to pinpoint your heritage from your unique look. What's your ethnicity?
French, Irish and Hispanic :)

What made you get into modeling? Any inspiration?
It just sort of happened, to be honest. Pretty crazy when you think about it.

You have an amazing look. You’re extremely unique. What are your influences?
Hmmm that's a hard question. I have never tried to portray any image which is probably why I have a unique look. I grew up surrounded by art and it's always been a large part of my life. When I moved to the states, I ended up having a roommate who was a tattoo artist and I worked with a few artist so, tattoos were very accessible to me :D I'm not into punk or any of that. I like nice things and like to get dolled up so I don't dress like the typical tattooed girl. I'm kind of just me and for what ever reason, people seem to like it :) My incredible artist owns Paragon Tattoo in Moreno Valley, california. His name is Julius Vargas, he's responsible for the majority or my art work :)

Well, thank you Julius! What are your measurements?
Height 5'1, bust 32, underbust 26, waist 25, hips 30, butt 32. I'm petite.

I see! There's nothing wrong with petite. How long have you been in the modeling industry?
About 2 1/2 years now :)

What kind of man would you say is your type?
I truly don't have a type. I have dated every style of guy there is and every possible look :D Someone who is compassionate for others and an appreciation for art and music. Also, he has to have the ability to laugh at himself. All the good stuff :)  The key is to make me laugh and feel safe. That's what is most important. I could give a fuck about the rest.

What are some other characteristics of a man that attracts you?
I'd say compassion, honesty, humor definitely.

The key is to make me laugh and feel safe. That's what is most important. I could give a fuck about the rest.

Give us an idea of the perfect day out or night out with a man would be.
Hmm...I'd say some good conversation accompanied by great music :) That's my idea of perfection.

Is there a pet peeve of yours or something a man could do, to turn you completely off?
Oh yes! If he's arrogant and hateful towards others. Also, if he's judgmental, rude and inconsiderate. That would turn
me off for sure.

You’re covered with some AMAZING tattoos. Do you have plans for any more?
Oh my goodness, of course! :D Me and my tattoo artist have a list of work to do. We're probably doing my other hand & finishing my back next.

We’re both tattooed models. Has being heavily tattooed ever stopped you from doing a certain opportunity?
It has absolutely shut some doors for me but it has also opened a bunch. The majority of jobs I've gotten, I got specifically because of my look. I recently shot the 2012 calendar for K&N filters which is huge. I'm their first  heavily tattooed model. I see this as an accomplishment because they typically don't use models with more than a couple small tattoos but yet they wanted me in their next calendar that gets distributed nationwide. Make sure you look for the calendar being released at SEMA :)

What other modeling jobs do you undertake aside from shooting?
I am mainly a print model. I also am the main host of SullenTV  and I MC events regularly. I will be MCing half of the national UpRoar tour for Sullen :) Daisey Love will be MCing the other half :)

So you have done a lot of MCing around the country. Do you like it? How is that compared to your everyday photo shoot?
I absolutely love hosting and MCing. I hope that once I've aged beyond my modeling years, I will be able to continue hosting shows & MCing events & tours :)

You’ve had so many features, tell us some of your favorites and some of the most exciting experiences.
My first huge accomplishment was getting a huge banner of me in the window front of NoFear stores nationally :) I've been on the covers of 3 published magazines the past 2 months and I'm shooting an international cover in September that I'm stoked for :) Being asked to be the face of Sullen for the National UpRoar tour sponsored by Rockstar Energy drink. Of course, The K&N 2012 calendar as well. I was in a Marilyn Manson music video a few years back. That was incredible. The list goes on :D

Wow, that's a mouthful! So, where can we see more of you in the future?
I'm everywhere! Tweet with me @ItsMsMurder. Please like my new Facebook fan page, I'm on it ALL the time! Please subscribe to Sullen TV on You Tube. You can also find me on Instagram under MissMurder and Tumblr under ItsMissMurder.

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