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How Women Flirt, An Expert Guide

How Women Flirt, An Expert Guide

Trying to figure out the ladies isn't as easy as we think at times. To some it's natural, to others you have to be quick on your feet to notice subtle signs. You may spot an attractive girl in a club, while you're shopping or just out and about. You're definitely attracted to her so you strike up a conversation but you can't quite read her vibe. I know every guy has been there - some more than others! Stylecaster has released a great article written by none other than the best source to understand female body language — another woman. If you're having trouble gauging the the reaction from the ladies or you just want to brush up on your skills, check out the tips below from Andrea Uku:

She likes you:

  • She will give you deliberate and direct eye contact with flirtatious glances away or down. In addition, her eyes will dilate and sparkle as you speak to her.
  • She will be all smiles. She will not be able to help herself if she likes you.
  • She will find ways to physically touch you while talking with you. For instance, she will gently touch your forearm or shoulder. In addition, she will lean into you while your talking.

She isn't interested:

  • If her eyes are straying around the room and not focused intently on you, she is most likely not interested. Also if her eyes are not dilated, then she is not interested.
  • She seems physically uncomfortable around you. A woman who is interested in you will face you directly, lean in toward you and relax her body. Folded arms, a stiff back and leaning away from you are signs that she wants out of the situation.
  • If she makes no physical contact with you at all – she does not touch your arm or leg when she is making a point – then she is not into you.

SHE just wants to be friends:

  • She keeps her physical distance and does not respond physically to you, even when you flirt with her or throw out a double entendre in the conversation.
  • She will pat you while you hug her hello or goodbye.
  • She will look around the room at other guys while she is talking to you.

Check out the full article at Stylecaster


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