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How to Get the Girl: Confidence Wins

How to Get the Girl: Confidence Wins

Confidence Wins.

Have you ever met a woman that you fell head over heals with right away? Did you feel that way only because she was beautiful? When you meet somebody, we all know first impression is always substantial to everybody's match. Don’t let this overflow your internal pride too much, but one of the most dominant factors about being a man is that men make ‘the decisions’. When it comes to the male and female species, it’s apparent a man has more power than a woman, but let’s not get it twisted, a woman may also decide the determining factor between whether or not you’ve followed standard human behavior or met her qualifications. If we went around taking a poll from women asking what trait is most important in determining someone’s attractiveness, you can be their answer is going to be none other than CONFIDENCE.

Ignore the fact you've got good genes, women don’t always go for the single man who is the definition of eye candy. A woman is more turned on by a man who obtains assurance, humor, and sincerity. When you meet a woman for the first time, instantly you start thinking about whether or not she is worth your time. When a woman meets a man, she’s wondering, “can he handle me?” You don’t want to walk into a friendship anticipating who is going to win the ‘game’ and who will lose. Although it may seem standard, avoid thinking of it as trying to reach the higher level, you may find yourself battling your own alter ego. Instead, focus on the approach.  A woman will notice when a man is trying too hard rather than going the extra mile.

Personality means more than just a beautiful face. Has it ever crossed your mind how when you meet somebody who you’re extremely attracted to, you almost lose your thinking composure? In fact, remember the last time you stumbled across a pretty lady and I bet you thought twice about a few actions. Sometimes as a male, you have to exclude the fact that a woman is fine. Beauty can be sadly mistaken once she opens her mouth, and the same applies for men. From a female's point of view, you might unknowingly mention the fact that your mother did your laundry the other night (yours stopped working), throwing off her assumption that you’re completely independent. Most women focus on a man who can hold their own. Say one day you and a new date are out eating dinner and at the end of the night she mentions she lives at home with mommy and daddy, who pays half of her bills and provides for most of her well being? Bet that level of intimidation just went down -50%. Don’t hold onto looks so much as to not grasp a persons character. Regardless of appearance reeling her in, your independence is what will keep her turned on. Generally speaking, it's easy to make yourself look better than the guy walking past you but it doesn’t appear so easy when intimidation over rules. Sometimes the intimidation of looks may overpower the thought process.

In all of our realities, it’s common for both genders to date more than one person at a time - usually. This helps with determining who is right for you and who is not. When you first lay eyes on a woman, number one thought that comes to mind, is sexual chemistry; the thought of whether or not pleasing that person is even an option in your future. A woman is not going to foresee herself pleasing a man who she doesn’t think is ‘bad’. Bad meaning: too sexy for his own good. A standard, handsome man with charm?...too easy. Almost as easy as stepping into a strip club for the first time, a dancer sensing it, and taking advantage of you for your money. Walking around with confidence on your sleeve is more prominent and manifesting than confidence trapped behind closed doors. Nobody is saying walk around with your junk hanging out, an extra limp in your step, or brag about your sexcapade last week, but just keep in mind, everybody loves a challenge. Your sexuality also exhibits factors of your character. Appearing too predictable isn’t as stimulating as risk.

Don’t forget about credence. Credence is a number one trait for a man to carry. If you have issues with confidence you’re probably not giving yourself the credit you deserve. It’s crucial in any relationship to not mistaken weakness for kindness either. A woman can sense when a man is putting her up on a pedestal and that could be a complete turn off. Women don’t necessarily want to be treated like a princess right away, giving her that first impression of ‘seems too good to be true'. Almost like a credit card with low interest rates that are only good for the first 6 months, then after that 6 months, you’re hit with an increased rate and higher payment. It’s not always attractive to be practicable. Most of the time, you’ll find that effort is useless anyway, because in the long run she may pursue actions that you’re not willing to undertake. Therefore, you should always be sure to maintain credibility.

Confidence is not something that is never purchased, fabricated, or decided upon instantly. You either have it or you don’t. Maybe fix yourself to a nice day at the spa, pamper yourself at the salon, go shopping for an updated wardrobe to improve upon. On that next date you go on, try to remember the importance of being imperfect. Nobody is perfect in the real world. Forget the fact that she’s got a bangin body or a stunning face. Do you know what she is capable of? Have you ever found yourself compatible with a woman who is completely insecure? Don’t let appearance throw you off, domineering the outcome of your personality on the first date. Maintain confidence in your composure to set off the correct first impression. Of course we know the job of pleasing a woman isn’t printed in the bible but you can guarantee there are rules and regulations on what is right and what is wrong. If you can show the strength to be there for your lady undoubtedly, maintain composure, remain fearless, and follow correct behavioral judgements, your chances of being king kong are near.

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