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How to Act Like A Man (According to a Woman)

How to Act Like A Man (According to a Woman)

If you're a frequent visitor of our website, then you may notice that we feature a lot of gorgeous models along with up-and-coming actresses through some pretty in-depth interviews. We aren't going to pretend like we don't enjoy a piece of daily eye candy, but we tend to gear a good portion of our questions towards what each woman values in a man when it comes to the laws of attraction. That's just for you fellas.

What better way to learn about how to attract the hot girl, but from the hot girl herself? The Style Gal has stepped in to give us a hand on the subject. She handles an important topic that most of us tend to overlook—manners. We tend to loose the girl due to a simple lack of manners. On the other hand, you may have lost your chance by being too nice too soon. If it all seems too overwhelming, everything is broken down in a neat little list:

Stop obsessively checking your phone: A friend was telling me about a date she went on last week where the guy picked up his phone every 3 minutes. While she was talking. While they were eating. I don’t care how nervous you are or what genius Facebook update just got posted: be present. Leave your phone in your jacket, not on the table. And good God, don’t tweet about the date as it is happening.

Read the rest of the do's and dont's at The Style Gal blog.

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