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Heather Shanholtz: Real American Curves

Heather Shanholtz - VIRILE Online Magazine Interview

We all want to stand out from the pack. Whether we have the fastest car, the biggest muscles, the largest house or the prettiest women. If the latter is your concern, then the gorgeous Heather Shanholtz should be ranked #1. Miss Shanholtz definitely stands out from the pack. As an international fitness model, glamour model, cover model and aspiring actress, she has appeared in such publications like Maxim and American Curves just to name a few. Not only does she have natural charisma in front of the camera but her body is sublime and her smile is ravishing. We had the opportunity to get a peek in on Heather's life, loves and ambitions. Photography by Aaron Riveroll.

It's a pleasure to have you with us Heather. Tell us where are you originally from?
Jarrettsville, MD. I now reside in beautiful Miami, FL.

What was it like growing up in Jarrettsville?
I was a trouble maker and extremely bored living in the country so I landed myself in some not so good situations.  I decided that scene wasn't for me and I wanted something better for myself so, I moved to Florida to restart my life.

How long have you been in the modeling industry?
6 years

What are your measurements?

What would you say is your best asset?
My eyes but the boys love my butt!

What five words best describe you?
Smart, funny, giving, down to earth, adventurous

What would best describe your personality?
Very funny. I'm a jokester and a prankster. I love messing with my friends!

I need a guy that can make me laugh 24/7.  I don't love anything more than a good laugh.

You have a pretty extensive resume, where have you appeared?
MaximMuscle MagOxygenPlanet MuscleAmerican Curves MagazineUltimate MMA & many more.  I've even been on the Maury show twice but nothing drama related! It was for a secret crush episode!  LOL!

I'm sure the readers would like to know, are you single?
Yes.  It's hard to understand the industry if your not in it. I don't like to date people in the industry either because I'm scared it will interfere with work. So for now, I'm single until I can find the right one for me who supports my job while standing by my side 100%. Plus, I don't really have the time to put effort into making a relationship work.

Understandable. So, when you're not making your many appearances and features, what are some of your hobbies?
Skydiving, paintballing, going to the gun range and anything to do with the water or speed!  I even have my motorcycle license.

Heather Shanholtz - VIRILE Online Magazine Interview

Tell us, what type of man are you attracted to?
Someone strong willed, driven and has goals.  I don't like guys that settle for an average life with an average job.  If you don't like your job you should be working harder in your free time to accomplish your goals and go after your dreams.  I'm not a gold digger and you don't have to have money for me to date you.  You just have to be extremely ambitious and a go getter.

What trait do you think is most important in determining someone's attractiveness?
Their personality.  Style is important too.  I like a man with his own sense of style.  A leader not a follower.  You also have to take good care of your body and be into a healthy lifestyle.

What qualities do you think the man of the future should have?
They have to be smart, funny, caring and down to earth. I need a guy that can make me laugh 24/7. I don't love anything more than a good laugh.

What would you like to accomplish in your modeling career? Do you plan to expand your image outside of modeling?
I'd like to be on more covers and do some more spokes modeling. I know I can't model forever so I'm converting my career to acting based on my contacts. I love the entertainment industry so I'll be in the game one way or the other.

What do you enjoy most about modeling?
It's like playing dress up!  LOL!  No single job is the same.  I met my best friend (Justin Price) through modeling so I meet a lot of different fun people in the industry.  The traveling takes a lot out of you but I get to see many things that most people don't.

Do you have any memorable experiences you'd like to share about your career?
I'm at the Playboy Mansion frequently thats always an experience in itself.

Heather Shanholtz - VIRILE Online Magazine Interview

What was your most exciting accomplishment?
Being featured in Maxim & Muscle Mag.

I've heard that you are a gamer and into movies as well - especially comedies and horror flicks. What are some of your favorites?
My all time favorite game is Manhunt.  It's the craziest, goriest, scariest game!  I can't play it if I'm home alone. LOL!  My favorite comedy is Nothing to Lose and my favorite horror movie is SAW.

What is your favorite city to visit?
San Diego.  I love it out there.  It's gorgeous and the people are awesome but I love living in Miami. There is always something going on and you can't ever possibly get bored.  Miami has the best food, shopping & nightlife.

I agree. So, where can we see more of you of you in the future?
I'm releasing 6 different cell phone apps at different times through the Android market.  I'm also featured in upcoming issues of American Curves, The Ring, Blades, TapouT, MMA Worldwide, Ice Magazine, the cover of  Shock Magazine (A major magazine in Spain) and the cover of Models Mania Magazine.  I'm also supposed to be shooting sometime this summer for SHOW Magazine.  I plan on launching my own t-shirt line also sometime this fall.  I also have a Hong Kong trip coming up in September to work on various projects.

Phew! That sounds major! Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Yes! Fans can feel free to write me: fanclub@heathershanholtz.com


Personally contact me at:
Heather Shanholtz
PO Box 371459
Miami, FL 33137

Thanks for having me and for all of your support! ❤❤❤

Photography: Aaron Riveroll

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