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Has Equality Destroyed Your Sex Life?

The Daily Mail published an interesting article yesterday, something of which I have discussed over and over in the past year or two. We all have seen what the effects of feminism have brought upon us - most of them good. The role of women in American society has greatly changed in the past 50 years. Women are no longer relegated to staying at home and raising the children. They now have careers, businesses and are typically more educated than their significant other. On the other hand, a lot of relationships have switched in traditional roles. "Mr. Mom" is not a term we are unfamiliar with. There are more stay-at-home dad's than ever before. We've made great strides as a society but what does this mean for the general relationship dynamic - especially when it comes to the bedroom?

Amy is a 38-year-old corporate lawyer that goes to work in killer heels and a pencil skirt, commands a mega-salary and has a team of assistants at her beck and call. 

‘At work, I’m always the one in control and I admit that I like it that way. It’s exciting and it’s sexy being an Alpha woman,’ she says.

But when it comes to her partner Max, who is also a lawyer, albeit with a less high-profile job, she often finds herself feeling confused about who calls the shots — especially when it comes to sex.

‘When I get home, I no longer want to be the power broker, the one who’s always in charge and in control. I need to be wooed and seduced, and to feel that Max has power over me,’ she says.

‘Sometimes he fulfils the role, but sometimes he doesn’t and I feel disappointed. It does make me wonder why I’m reluctant to take the initiative in bed when I’m confident and in charge at work.’ 

Amy’s desire to be dominated in the bedroom certainly appears to be at odds with her behaviour at work, but does it follow that if you’re adept at giving orders in the office, you’ll want to bark orders between the sheets as well?

So what does this say about relationships when the roles are reversed? We could look at this example and see that gender equality, far from liberating women sexually, actually inhibits desire. The male in question plays Mr. Mom and meets all the emotional needs of his spouse, yet she may be fantasizing about the bad boy, alpha male that she'd really like to be romping around the room with. Is this fair?

Neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam analysed half a billion sexual fantasies, preferences and practices, then correlated their findings with animal behaviour studies and the latest findings in neuroscience, to come to the very non-PC conclusion that when it comes to sex, women are wired to find sexual submission arousing.

Ogas goes on to explain 'If you feel compelled to approach sex with the same gender attitudes as the working world, it’s going to be difficult to be aroused,’

Feminism, to put it as bluntly as these two do, is bad for sex, and is the prime reason why increasing numbers of women are seeking help for problems associated with low libido.

So, what do you think? Is feminism tearing apart the traditional male-female sexual fabric?

Read the full article at The Daily Mail.

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