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Gym Etiquette 101

Gym Etiquette 101

Summer is officially here and most of you should be are hitting the gym. This time of year always brings out the fitness newcomers and some of the attention starved gym rats as well. You don't want to be "that guy" when it comes to behavior that makes you look like an idiot in the gym — and to the ladies. Here is a quick guideline of what to avoid.

Not racking your weights

Okay, so you can squat 315lbs!? Good for you. But the 125lb woman that is waiting to use the squat rack next does not. It's just common sense fellas. Watching anyone clean up after someone else's lift is bad mojo. Re-rack your weights when you're finished.

Throwing Dumbells

I watched this huge guy complete a set of the seated military press recently. He then stands up and hurls his 125lb dumbells onto the floor, making a loud crashing noise. All eyes were on him, but for the wrong reason. Don't throw the dumbells Conan!

Mr. Tightpants

A man is not supposed to wear spandex. The end.

Mr. Scream

If you have to yell at the top of your lungs after each rep then you may want to decrease the weight. It's annoying and disruptive.

Running Backwards on the Treadmill

I saw this once on an episode of The Jersey Shore and then immediately this phenomenon took over the gym amongst young males. If you think "The Situation" is cool enough to mimic, then you're destined to look like an idiot anyway. Running backwards on a treadmill serves no purpose other than making you out to be as big a douchebag as he is.

Avoiding Free Weights

You're a man. It's okay to do cardio but you're not going to build muscle if you don't lift weights. You don't want to lift? Here is a top secret motivational technique: women love muscles.

Running your mouth

There's nothing wrong with mingling in the gym. Although, if you're talking more than exercising, what's the point of coming to the gym anyway? Either you are waisting your time or you're waisting someone else's time when they just want to finish their set in a timely manner. If you're on the cardio equipment for 45 minutes but you can hold a conversation with the person nearby, you are officially NOT exercising.

Not Cleaning Up After yourself

Your mother is not here. No one else wants to wipe your sweat off of the benches. Clean up after yourself.


You've seen women before, right? Act like it.

Wearing Street Clothes

Most gyms won't even allow this but I've seen people try. Lifting weights in jeans and a flannel shirt screams amateur.

See Through Shirts

See above photo for reference. Need I say more?


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