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Floyd Mayweather Dukes It Out with Radio DJ

We all know that Floyd Mayweather has been accused of ducking Manny Pacquio over the past few years, but no one has had the balls to make the accusation publicly. The potential fight of the century has been put on hold for various allegations and rumors, but it appears to be coming to a boiling point for Money Mayweather.

Shade 45 radio host Rude Jude publicly accused Mayweather of ducking Pac Man. So what do you think happened next? Yes, Mayweather calls up The All Out Show to defend himself. You guessed it. Chaos ensued.

“I guess somebody has something against me,” Floyd said.

In response, Rude Jude replied “No, I said you were afraid to fight Pacquiao. That you were ducking Pacquiao. You always using steroids as an excuse. You’re bigger than him anyway — you should be able to whoop his ass steroids or not.”

Mayweather went on the offensive against Jude who didn't back down off of his assertions. Jude claimed that Mayweather has fought lackluster opponents and that Pacquiao beat those same opponents worse than Floyd. Apparently, this offended Mayweather causing him to retaliate, “I guarantee you you’re not black,” a defensive Mayweather said. “What are you? Spanish, Latin, what are you?”

After stating that race did not matter, Rude Jude continued picking apart Mayweather’s history in the ring as Mayweather yelled through the phone.

Everybody has their opinion about this matter but I think that Floyd was right and wrong at the same time. I think he has a point, Pacquio does not receive the same scrutiny as he does. This is probably due to their personalities outside of the ring. Pac man is quiet and reserved which contrasts Floyd's flashy and arrogant demeanor. This creates a formula of public scrutiny that Floyd has somewhat brought upon himself so he should be better prepared for attacks.

Floyd and Manny stand to make the most money in boxing history if they prolong the fight as much as possible, so there is some strategy in Mayweather's thinking. On the other hand, Floyd should not reduce himself into calling up a nobody DJ to argue over his perfect record. That gives the DJ more credit than he deserves and makes the champ look like he's insecure over his 42-0. I hope the Floyd begins to make out-of-ring decisions as well as he makes them in-ring.

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