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Ecuadorian Beauty Nashlly Sokoli Tells All

Ecuadorian Beauty Nashlly Sokoli Tells All

So, it's official. Nashlly Sokoli is my favorite Latina and she should be yours. Why? This Ecuadorian eye candy let's her photos do the talking. She's been featured on Askmen.com and in the web pages of Maxim magazine. If you haven't heard of her before now, I have two words for you: You're welcome.

Where are you originally from?
I am originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, but I am also of Lebanese decent. I was born in Ecuador though and lived there until I was 7 years old! I now reside in Newark, New Jersey. I am a Jersey girl but I do not sport a poof, orange skin, or frosty white colored lips. I do pump my fist from time to time though, I’ll admit that..… haha

What was it like growing up in Jersey?
Growing up in Newark has it’s ups and downs. The perks, you grow up tough, you see every life opportunity as a hustle, you never take no for an answer, you’re competitive, and not many people want to mess with you after you say, “ I live in Newark” haha. The downs, some people don’t want to speak to you, they think at any given moment you will attack them, and that you are uneducated, (wrong! ). But what do I really think, I love it. I wouldn’t change my upbringings for the world, Brick City has made me who I am today, a fighter ;)

What are your measurements?
5’6" and 34-24-34

Give me 5 words that you think best describe you?
Ambitious, Relentless, Charismatic, Focused, Spontaneous

What would you say is your best asset? What do others compliment you on the most?
I think my best asset is my personality, the way I speak, my sarcasm. I’m no comedian, but I’ll get a few laughs out of you, and you know what they say, if you can make someone smile and laugh, you can make them do anything …hehe ;) As far as actual physical assets, I would say my stomach, that is, when I work out..hahah

A sexy nerd, with a hint of humor, class, and swag—that’s my perfect man.

After corresponding with you a couple of times, I happen to agree. Outside of modeling, how do you spend your free time?
Outside of modeling, I love to work out, stay fit, eat healthy, play sports, listen to Lil Wayne, and go dancing. I Love to dance !!

I bet that's a sight to see. What type of man are you attracted to?
The sexiest kind of man, is an educated man. I love a man that can sit there and make me feel like I need a dictionary or a tutor to understand what he is saying. A sexy nerd, with a hint of humor, class, and swag— that’s my perfect man.

That's a unique answer, I must say. Let's dig deeper. What trait do you think is most important in determining someone's attractiveness once you meet them?
Like I mentioned before, it’s the wits that get me, second is humor, you have to be able to make me laugh. You can’t be good to look at but boring to speak to, no personality and no brain, that’s a total turn off.

What qualities do you think the man of the future should have?
Every man should be a hustler, an ambitious man. Think Wall Street men, they are alluring because they are smart and act like they are running a show, they are risk takers and that’s sexy. They should all aspire to be that.

Interesting. So what part of a man do you think is sexiest?
The sexiest part of man? That’s a hard question. I’m stuck between the lips, arms, and abs… I’ll pick arms for today, nice, lean, strong arms.. ;)

So, once this perfect guy is assembled, how does he keep you interested?
To keep my interest, be silly, be funny, make me laugh, girls just want to have fun!

Let’s kick it up a notch, are you the quiet type in the bedroom or the loud one?
Oh, I hope my parents won’t read this! Anywho…..

When it comes to men, what are some of your turn offs?
Turn offs? Men who play video games all of the time as opposed to being out and active. That’s a huge turn off. I hate couch potatoes! Go work out, play sports, do something!

Ha! So back to you. Would you say you are pretty comfortable with your body?
Everyone has their insecurities, thinks they love, dislike, want to improve on, but overall, I’m comfortable.

What were some of your most notable appearances/features?
I have been on two reality shows, one in Spanish and one in English. The Spanish one was “ Nuestra Belleza Latina “ in 2010 and the English show was “ Model Latina NYC “ a modeling competition in 2010, I was runner up! .

Here’s a clip to the modeling show!

I’ve also been published in magazines and have been featured on Askmen and Maxim. My most recent work was hosting at the Tribecca Film Festival interviewing a few actors, and artists, my favorite one, Jeremy Piven, he was funny!

That sounds fun. So, what else do you enjoy most about being a gorgeous model?
The best thing about modeling is being able to take yourself away from your everyday life to be someone fabulous. When I model I feel like a million bucks. It’s one of the best feelings ever. Aside from modeling, I go to school and study Nutrition. At times, I feel like a total nerd so modeling allows me to be someone different, it’s a sexy version of me. I love playing in both worlds.

Let's wind it down. What is your favorite city to visit?
My favorite city is New York City. I’m not sure it can be beat! It’s the city of dreams and hustlers! I’ve got big dreams, and I’m a hustler, so it’s my kind of town.

Not bad. That's right in your back yard. So, where can we see more of you in the future?
You guys can check me out on Facebook and follow me on Twitter @nashllyestefani

Stay in touch sillies! Xoxo, Nash

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