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Eastern Euro Beauty Dennii Gives Us a Little One on One

Dennii - VIRILE magazine interview

We were scouring the untamed sea of people that is Twitter and we stumbled across this bombshell from Florida by the name of Dennii. Instantly, we were entertained by her bubbly personality. Yeah, we were also staring at her gorgeous curves as well, but you knew that already. Dennii gave us the privilege of letting us in on her personal world. You can stay as a long as you'd like.

Where are you originally from?
Lets see if you can follow... I was originally conceived in Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia & later born in Salt Lake City Utah. Life was a crazy roller coaster for my momma when communism took over in Europe. She took the brave end of the stick, escaped and gave birth to me in the US rather than Austria. I was raised in FL (Tampa Bay area), lived in Kailua, Oahu, Hi for 2.5 years for college & now currently reside in Tampa, FL! Most of my friends and mom live in Tampa so I rather enjoy living here although I may move in the future but that will depend on where I want to go for graduate school & my modeling career.

You're well traveled I see. What was it like growing up on the move?
Aside from missing a beautiful childhood in europe, oh gosh my childhood here in the US, St.Petersburg area, was troublemaking, awesome and memorable! I'm an only child in my family so growing up with my boy cousin and uncles made me into a tom boy! Man hunt, skateboarding, rollerblading, ding dong ditch, going into neighbors yard to steal oranges was a few of the crazy things I did with my cousin! I was known as the troublemaker in my neighborhood. Outdoor adventures like canoeing, kayaking, river jumping, tubing, swimming in pools were the things I loved doing! But like I said, there was never a time where me and my cousin weren't getting hurt & into some mischief ;-)

I'm sure your shape turns many heads down in Florida. What are your measurements?
On a typical tape measuring day, my measurements are 32-23-33. My bra size is 32B along with the most remarkably sized booty for a skinny european girl lol A 100lbs to be exact!...... I was blessed with the greatest booty from god knows where in my family but I know the guys are surely not complaining!!

Give me 5 words that you think best describe you?
Thats a toughie but I will try....outgoing, energetic, sweet, dorkynsexy (a new word) & caring

We love that new word by the way. What would you say is your best asset?
Well thats an easy one.. I'd have to say my bum is the best assest! I do remember the time of discovery... in high school I got the award, "Best From Behind". I get tons of compliments but to break it down I think my eyes, abs/tummy and last but not least smile! I've been told my eyes are irresistible once I make contact with the camera and I agree because the eyes are the window to your soul! The time I started building abs were from my back exercises which I soon realized hey why the heck not continue!

Dennii - VIRILE magazine interview

I have to agree! Tell us more about you. Outside of modeling, what are some your hobbies/pastimes?
I am the funniest, most daring and adventurous girl you'd ever meet... truth be told! I sharpened my make-up artist skills when I used to work for MAC cosmetics for almost 5 years. Along the side of that, I am on a career path to becoming a marine biologist to study sharks & vertebrae. A few of my well kept secrets... I'm a big time nerd who loves playing video/pc games and my favorite being World of War Craft. Of which I have a level 83 Blood Elf Hunter for the WoW nerds :) Only if the geeky guys behind my toon would know who I really am :)

Born as a pisces, I love everything that has to do with water.... scuba dive certified, snorkeling, surfing relief as my aqua therapy, fishing, boating etc.. Raised from a european family, you can only imagine what I like to do in my spare time...cooking. In my past life I think I used to be a chef just like Ratatouille. If I'm not in the kitchen I am working on my car. A new hobby I'm starting to learn & am very excited about is drifting. I plan on being one of the top professional woman drifters out there hoping to be a pro driver sponsored in Formula D within a few years. So guys take note.....Cars are my weakness, my favorite being the Nissan Skyline R34 or the new GT-R, now that hits my G-spot!

Great insight. What type of man are you attracted to?
Having similar interests as me is a major plus especially cars. A few differences are great because I always like learning new things. I absolutely despise those cocky, uptight, overly self-confident meatheads that always try to score in the game. I don't have a "specific" type of men but he's gotta have a great personality, be respectful, humorous, cute, around my age and outgoing! I'm a smart, classy & fun girl but if you can't please me the right way sorry men but hasta la vista baby!

I was blessed with the greatest booty from god knows where in my family but I know the guys are surely not complaining!!

What trait do you think is most important in determining someone's attractiveness?
To determine a person's attractiveness I believe the trait that is the most important is their personality/character. I've dated guys before that were hot, cute whatever you wanna call it but had absolutely nothing interesting about them. You have to be unique, stand out and the more a guy does that the more you will fall for the curiosity they bring to the table. I always like to use this dorky example from the movie Twilight, which team are you on Edward or Jacob right?! Well I always tell my g/f's yeas Jacob has a smoking hot body and is cute but its Edward that I crave because he's interesting and different!

What qualities do you think the man of the future should have?
The man of the future should defiantly have a good sense of humor because I always love to laugh. A great personality who can always bring something interesting, random and fun to converse about. Good looks because I believe a girl should always be sexually attracted to their man. Being kind, sweet, generous and willing to do anything for you no matter what it is, is a great quality to have around. And last but not least a good lover..haha god forbid have everything listed above and they wouldn't be good in bed!!!

What part of a man do you think is sexiest?
Thats a hard part to "rule" out! I think it would have to be 2. The way a man smiles and carries himself as a person.

How does a man keep you interested?
Interest is all in a game. How do you keep a gamer interested? Constantly give them new quests/missions to complete, bosses to beat and options to level :) In translation a man needs to keep focus on particular topics long enough to satisfy the my interest. Next, a man needs to offer bets or competitions between me, such as who can give the best massage, to sustain the interest. Last but not least a man needs to step it up to the next level, don't always keep the same routine of boredom. How about changing things up to make them more interesting! Ah now thats a guys bible to go by.

Dennii - VIRILE magazine interview

Let’s take it up a notch, are you the quiet type in the bedroom or the loud one?
Oh a lady never tells now! But I guess I can share a little bit for my fans out there, I would have to pick the loud one at the best time and the quite one at the appropriate time. I read somewhere once that its healthy to voice your opinion in the bedroom, so men & ladies out there don't be shy!

Amen! Well, we know what turns you on, but when it comes to men, what are some of your turn offs as well?
Boredom, cocky, uptight, all that, the typical sorry to say "douche bag" type lol I know its stereotyping but I see it all the time and it drives me bonkers to know that guys think they can pick me up with that. Bad hygiene is another easy way to turn me off right away. Clean freak runs in my family and if it doesn't in yours we are not going to mesh well. If the man isn't interesting or just shows lack of interest in me then I don't see a way it would work but rather than an instant turn off!

Would you say you are pretty comfortable with your body?
Yes I would agree that I am pretty comfortable with my body, there are a few things just like any girl would like to change that I want to change about myself of course but I've learned to live with some of those small stupid flaws :) I haven't always been a girlie girl so it has taken me a while to accept myself and modeling has certainly helped me with that. I always knew I was comfortable with myself but I just didn't know to the degree of what I was capable of being. I know who I am and am very proud of it.

Back to modeling. What were some of your most notable appearances?
As a model who has only been in the industry for only 8 months, I'd day that everything I've done I'm very fortunate for. Although some of the few best I've enjoyed have been Strobe Magazine, Actiongirls.com, a model/MUA for Teenyb (online swimwear company), body painted model for the Jamaican me crazy bikini team and recently joining one of the best car shop's promotion team in Tampa called Advance Performance Girls. I have casted for numerous of modeling opportunities and submitted to many magazines so I will be stirring up the fire soon to my dedicated lovely fans :)

What do you enjoy most about being a model these days?
Modeling is a whole other ballgame in itself. Everybody has the typical false idea in their head that modeling is easy and takes a no brainer girl to do it. I am hear to tell you wrong! I do love the way a person can be transformed into multiple looks just by playing up the makeup, hair, expressions, lighting and angles. To me photography, makeup and hair is an art...those who can create art have true skills!

Dennii - VIRILE magazine interview


What is your favorite city to visit?
Of all the places that I have traveled to I'd have to say either Toyko or Prague are some of my favorite cities to visit. Japanese culture is ridiculously awesome with their production of anime, origination of drifting and the philosophy that goes behind building their cars for performance. Now Prague well that is where my family is from which in sense I should just have a native love for it since I am czech republic. The capital is remarkably beautiful with its history of castles, crazy energetic night life, and different lifestyle than the United States.

So, where can we see more of you?
You can definitely see more of me as of right now on Facebook, Twitter and Model Mayhem. I am currently working on my official website and should be up and running in no time. I will be offering a mini online store with posters of various sizes, a merchandise line and many more! I have big plans for the rest of the year to gain a lot more exposure from this awesome interview and plenty of publications.

Please follow me on the most popular social networking sites and industry modeling sites!! There is never a twitter follower that I don't answer, anybody can personally talk to me and ask me any questions. I feel like without the help of the support from my fans, friends and family I wouldn't be in the shoes I am now. I post all updates on pictures, jobs I've been booked for, publications, article updates such as VIRILE MAG and other interesting stuff on Twitter, Facebook and Model Mayhem! Stay tuned!

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