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Dominique Starr is Today’s Curvaceous Eye Candy

After meeting this voluptuous package of a woman 1 year ago, I knew I had I had to share this vixen with you guys. Showing off jaw-dropping curves — we bring you Dominique Starr. Just a few years in the modeling industry, she can be seen featured on Maxim UK and Dynasty Series. Let’s dive into this curvaceous babe and learn more about her.

Dominique, where are you originally from?
Coral springs, Florida

Where do you reside now?
Fort lauderdale, Florida

Good ol’ sunny, South Florida. What was it like for you growing up there?
Hmmmm....this is a tough one because there is so much I can say; growing up in FTL (Fort Lauderdale) actually went by pretty fast to say the least. When I was younger I was more of a "tom boy" I wore baggy jeans and big tee's; the whole nine yards lol. Eventually, around the time I got into high school I became more in tune with my feminine side; my aunt was my inspiration she worked hard, and always had and wanted nice things which eventually turned me into the woman I am today. Everyone here in FTL is always so competitive and out for themselves so its tough at times separating yourself from the crowd. I just knew modeling was my calling, as a teen when I would see music videos or look at magazines or posters I would dream that would be me one day.

Just like me! Tom boy at heart ;) I think that makes you sexy. What would you say is the best part about living in Ft. Lauderdale?
Well, for my party people out there, its the perfect place to party!  

So how long have you been in the modeling industry?
Since November 2008.

I'm sure your body gives you lots of attention. Your shape is great. What is your favorite part about your body?
LOL thank you doll! My favorite part of my body is definitely my stomach because it is my main focus when I work out, I plan on having at least a six pack one day! ;)

What are your measurements?
38c-29-41! POW! ;)

NICE figure! Ok, so give our readers some insight. What are some characteristics you look for in a man that’s right for you?
A man should always be respectful. I believe in the saying "see how he treats his mother and that's how he will treat you", if a man respects his mother he will respect woman in general. Hygiene is a major thing as well, I like a clean cut man with a great fashion sense. No alter egos or arrogance please! It will get you nowhere but causing me to ignore you.

Are you attracted to big, buff men or tall and slim?
I've dated both types before...I’d definitely prefer a buff man! ;)

A strong man, you know will always have your back if need be. How do you feel about personality versus looks?
Personality is what will ultimately win me over, I’d prefer a man to be polite and calm not a clown or a show off. Being loud and obnoxious will not make me attracted to a man what so ever! Looks are about 30% important to me, referring back to the characteristic question, respectful men will get my attention. I can tell when a man is bluffing or trying too hard, so watch out Rico Suave! Your charms wont work on this lady here. LOL

Tell us, are you the dominant type in the bedroom or the quiet type?
Dominant! most definitely hehe 

Power is sexy! So where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?
Hmmm, doing it in public places never really fancied me so I cant provide an answer for that LOL

What are 3 traits a man must have in order to keep a woman like you?
Trustworthy, respectful, and being successful.

Encouraging. What is it about modeling that keeps you involved?
Modeling has many perks, one is the many opportunities out there available to me. Second is the travel and third being that I love getting dolled up and POSING! :)

Where would you like to travel for modeling if it took you to further places?
I would absolutely love to go to the Netherlands!! I’ve seen one of the seasons of Americas Next Top Model and the models got to shoot in New Zealand where they filmed scenes in The Shire for The Lord of The Rings. I was so jealous!!!

I actually saw that! So, where can we see more of you and keep in touch Dominique?
My web site is currently in the works but once the site is up and running I will make an announcement on my Facebook here or on Twitter here @DOMiNiQUESTARR



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