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One on One with Venezuelan Vixen Diana Levy

When it comes to the women of hispanic origin, rarely it’s not so hard to point one out of a crowd. There’s something about a hispanic woman that attracts men, more than others. Their skin tone, body assets, accents, and even personalities. It’s easy to find some of the same types of women in Miami, but not when it comes to this beauty, Diana Levy. This woman stands out on her own and is on her way to great success. Let’s hear more about Diana shall we?

Where are you originally from?
I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I am now living in Miami, Florida :)

Where all the sexy Latina’s are at, nice! What did you find different about living in Venezuela apposed to living in Miami?
Well, I grew up living in Miami and I love it here. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Miami has it all. Perfect weather, beautiful girls, and guys everywhere :D

I bet you speak for many of the women in Miami with that one. Your natural beauty stands out. What are your measurements?
34C - 22 - 35

So tell us, how did you first get into modeling?
Well, I never thought about getting into modeling. I actually worked at Hooters for 2 years and there I met a photographer named Joel Alvarez. Thanks to him, and the first set of pictures he took of me, I saw a future in the modeling industry.

Wow! That’s great. Thanks Joel! It’s pretty common to meet a successful model who never imagined they would become so popular in this industry. Now we know, posing for photos isn't the only part of being a model. What area of modeling would you say interests you the most?
Definitely the runway shows. Just the energy you get from people is amazing. I also love doing music videos, not so much being there for hours, but the final result. Gotta love watching myself on TV doing my thing. :D

What do you think people like seeing most about you?
I feel like I get a lot of compliments about my smile, my cleavage too haha

That’s always a plus. We’d like to know, what attracts you most to a man?
His smell. If he smells good then that’s definitely a turn on. That and his teeth, I’m a sucker for some perfect pearly whites :)

So you like a man with good hygiene. Smart woman. Aside from looks, what do you think an important factor makes a man stand out from the others?
Confidence. If he’s not confident it just doesn’t do it for me, I like a guy who knows what he’s got to offer and he’s not afraid to show it.

I believe in the power of the mind. If I want it, I get it.

How do you feel about “game” when it comes to dating?
No games for me, I am very straight forward when it comes to dating. I always say what I feel and have no problem showing someone I like them without playing any games.

So you could say you’re more daring than shy?!
Definitely not shy. I am a very outgoing girl and love trying new things, even if I have to make a fool of myself trying :D .

Assertive. What’s your take on the ideal man for a woman like you?
I feel like theres no "ideal" men. There’s always going to be something I don’t like about my partner but relationships are not perfect and you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way, it keeps things interesting.

What’s one word of advice you would give the men out there reading this?
Keep it 100 all the time. No games. Be straight forward and know what you want.

You seem like a very strong woman. Do you foresee anything ever interfering with building a modeling career?
I would say my schooling. I am studying criminal justice so sometimes I need to take some time off for school, but it is a good thing because I can’t be a model forever haha.

How do you feel about being a successful model?
I don’t know. I really just like going with the flow and seeing what the future brings me. I hope it’s all good things though :)

That's positive thinking. Do you see yourself reaching out of your element with modeling as you get further into it? Finding yourself in a different realm, away from the usual shoot per se?
Well, I just recently visited the Playboy mansion. It was a very different lifestyle and something like that would take a lot of thought for me to get involved in. I am content with were my career is currently going but I like to keep my options open.

So far, what are some of your most exciting accomplishments?
I've worked on set with some of the greatest in the music industry. Also, traveling all over the world with a couple of different companies. For instance, the charity event at the Playboy mansion, going to Dubai, Africa and so on...

Traveling outside of the country for modeling is always a great experience. Did you ever think you’d see yourself where you are today?
Yeah. I am very confident and always have been and always will believe in myself. I believe in the power of the mind. If I want it, I get it.

Sexy and intelligent. Finally, where can your supporters keep in touch with you and view more of your work?
You can see more of my work through my Twitter @misslev and on my Facebook fan page.

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