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Canada’s Finest Mandy Monroe Gives Us Some One on One Love

Canada's Finest Mandy Monroe Gives Us Some One on One LoveToday, we get some Canadian love from the luscious Mandy Monroe. The 23 year-old tattooed beauty is originally from Toronto and has a long list of appearances under her modeling belt. She's even a Maple Leafs fan for all of you hockey goons out there. Here's our one on one with Mandy. Enjoy.

Where are you originally from?
I was born in Toronto, mainly raised here, but I have lived in quite a few cities/towns!

What was it like growing up in Toronto?
I went back and forth from Toronto to small towns for a while, but overall growing up in Toronto has had a good effect on me based on the diversity and opportunities being a model. Toronto is a bit crowded for me :)

What were you like growing up?
I was a spoiled princess! But besides that, I was pretty much the same person I am today! Which is what some of my long time friends say is the best thing about me... I never change! I grew up really fast... I'm like an old soul. I learned so many things in such a short time, and I think I grew up really well, and I'm very happy with the way I turned out.

What is your nationality?
My mother is a Russian Jew, and my dad is Chinese with hints of Japanese and Native... and my Grandmother was Romanian Jewish, and Grandfather Russian. So I always say I am Russian and Chinese, because its what I mainly am and it's a bit difficult to go into this detail every time haha.

What are your measurements?
I am 5'1", a short gal, and my measurements read the hourglass shape... C36-25-36.

Give us 5 words that you think best describe you?
I would say I am blunt, trustworthy, too honest, intelligent, and observant.

Do you have any hobbies or special talents?
I care for 4 pets, I have a Great Dane, 2 toy Pomeranians, and a cat. I have been taking care of animals since the day I was born, have never lived without a pet! I love to read true crime books, always have one by my bed.

You're a Taurus, how would you describe your personality in that regard?
I am a Taurus to the tee. I am hard-headed, and stubborn, but my favorite Taurus quality is that I am down to earth, and very go with the flow, and overall happy and chill, but when someone pisses me of... you'd better run and hide, especially if you've betrayed me.

What would you say is your best asset? What do others compliment you on the most?
I would say my personality is my best asset, I am not what people expect me to be! I love surprising people in a positive way. And I do get that as a compliment A LOT. Features-wise, the fact that I am curvy and proud of it is something people praise me on, and I guess my face, because it's so different and exotic!

How did you get started in modeling?
I applied to Model Search Canada online when I was 15-16, and they loved me, and my first gig came from them, which was a bridal magazine, and then a spread in a Spanish magazine called Opinion Magazine. After that, I just went about marketing myself online and have gotten every job since on my own.

 The fact that I am curvy and proud of it is something people praise me on.

Out of all of your features do you have a personal favorite?
I do not have a personal favorite... because I really don't like to brag, and I honestly see everything I do as an accomplishment. I don't expect too much because I don't want to be let down later, so anything I get to do makes me happy, not everybody gets to do all the things I have and therefore I am happy with all features I appear in!

If you could be on the cover of any magazine which magazine would you want it to be?
My answer to this, used to be Playboy. That has changed because I understand that they are not open-minded at all about women, and really do not appreciate the female form as it comes which is in a variety of shapes and sizes. So now, I would probably say FHM or something of those sorts, but that too is aiming a bit high!

What do you enjoy most about modeling?
I enjoy the fact that I open up the human to the beauty of real women. I am not your typical famished-looking, 6foot tall girl. I am the real deal, I am what most women are around here today. I don't starve myself to impress anyone, or feel better about myself. If you don't like me don't look at me, I love myself, and I want all women/girls to love themselves too! So sending the right messages out through my popularity is what I enjoy most.

Let's switch gears to learn more about what makes you tick. What type of man are you attracted to?
I am attracted to my man only! A man that is honest, and LOYAL. Nothing pisses me off more than a cheater!!!!!!!!!!! I want to make torture chambers for them as their punishment... And sadly, 80% of the men in this world, are dirty, lying, cheaters. Irritates the hell of me.

What trait about a man do you find irresistible?
Loyalty. Nothing is better than that, because it is so rare... And thankfully I have one of those rare diamonds :)

Canada's Finest Mandy Monroe Gives Us Some One on One LoveWhat body part of a man do you think is sexiest?
I honestly don't really care for the body of men! I'd rather look at a chick hahah. But if I have to choose, then nice arms... especially if they are tattooed!

When it comes to your taste in men, pick one: "the bad boy" or "the nice guy"?
The nice guy. What the hell is the point of the bad boy? To get treated like shit and get cheated on? They are useless! Girls want to be treated like a princess and only the nice guys are going to do that.

How does a man keep you interested once he's caught your attention? How do you show him that he has your attention?
By being my best friend, and being loyal to me! And showing him he has my attention, well I return the same! I am as loyal as you get, and cool as hell!

Let’s take it up a notch, are you the quiet type in the bedroom or the loud one?
I am not quiet lol. Let's leave it at that!

When it comes to men, what are some of your turn offs?
Like I said, I hate cheaters and liars. Physically I don't care. I am not one for looks, they don't get you anywhere either. Also guys that think that you should pay for everything, ew!

What's the most memorable thing a guy has done to get your attention?
My BF walked really, really far to get me my favorite blue roses and a teddy bear on valentines day... while I was asleep... so sweet :)

Do you have a quote that you live by?
What's meant to be will be. And, The happiest people don't have the best things in life... they just make the best of what they have!

So you're in Canada, you must be a hockey fan?
I have to rep my Toronto Maple Leafs! I said I was loyal... gotta love my hometown teams!

Where can we see more of you? 

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