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Balancing Fashion & Masculinity

Balancing Fashion and Masculinity


Can you think back several years ago and remember when wearing pink was in wildly popular for men? How about the metrosexual craze that the pop culture ushered in? We are not too many years removed from some horrible male fashion fads. Some of these removed every drop of masculinity you could have as an American male. Having a good sense of fashion has always been the mark of a stylish, attractive gentleman (James Bond anyone?). As a safeguard, a lot of men took the extreme approach of not being concerned with fashion at all. This is an extreme approach because many women still prefer a well dressed man on any day of the week. The Every Guyed Network makes it a little easier on us by laying out a guide of how to be that in-demand, fashionable guy without sacrificing your manhood.

What to Avoid

We think you pretty much know what’s taboo, but we’re just going to go through a quick breakdown of what you should still avoid.


We know they’re popular, but they’re just not for men. Leave the big roses and flashy flowers to the women in your life and stick to more masculine patterns like stripes, patchwork or plaid.

Excessive Patches, Zippers, Buttons etc.

Leave the badges to the boy scouts because patches anywhere on your clothes just aren’t cool, never mind masculine.

Also avoid military and private school insignia. Unless you actually served in the army or went to Harvard, it’s just tacky.

We know that zippers and buttons are essential in keeping your clothes together but you really don’t need those pants with that button mosaic on the pockets or that sweater that can open ten different ways because of its forest of zippers. Trust us.

Mixing Loud Prints

Please don’t mix that checkered shirt you just bought with that Fair Isle sweater you’ve been dying to wear.

We’re not saying it’s impossible to mix loud prints together; just be aware that it’s painfully difficult to do right. As a safe bet, stick to subtle patterns and prints or wear a loud print with something less predominant to focus the attention on your statement piece...

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