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Adventurous Date Ideas for the Summer Months

Adventurous Date Ideas for the Summer Months

I'm sure you've seen the commercials. Match.com is the biggest dating site, etcetera, etcetera. You have to think about one thing. If the company has become so big and rose to such prominence in the dating world, maybe they just might know a thing or two! The Match.com blogs have came up with a great list of cheap adventurous date ideas for the summer. Here are a number of things you can partake in, impressing her without breaking the bank.

Be a social climber
After a few good dates with a new person, it might be time to take the next step up with him or her. And by “next step” we mean the next several thousand steps — up a trail. Hikes are great because you don’t need any special skills. Plus, there’s a romance perk: Studies have shown that people feel more comfortable opening up when they’re not making constant eye contact, so any date that has you side-by-side instead of staring across a table at each other will pump up your communication.

Feel groovy together
Lawn concerts are a summer staple, and hitting one with your date is the perfect chance to set off some sparks. There’s great energy at a concert, and you’ll be sitting or standing as close (or closer!) as you would be at a dinner date. The music also offers a pleasant distraction when the conversation naturally quiets.

Drift off into the sunset
If you ever thought the idea of taking a hot-air balloon ride together was corny, consider this: Those intense feelings when risk-taking and trying something new together can bring you two closer, faster. Convinced? Just do a search in your hometown for “hot-air balloon rides” to find a floater near you.

Row your boat
Hitting the water together is a great way to peek into your date’s personality- you can chat side-by-side allowing your date to open up more than they might at a table across from you. Paddleboats are usually available for rental on even small lakes, so look up your closest body of water and get rowin’!

Just bag it
One way to make any outing (like a beach visit, perhaps?) sweeter is by bringing along a picnic. Toss your homemade specialty and some pieces of fruit in your cooler or stop by your favorite spot for a few sandwiches to go. It’s a fun break from fancy restaurants, so find a spot where you can really let your hair down and relax together.

Source: Match.com


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