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5 Things Your Girlfriend Shouldn’t Know

5 Things Your Girlfriend Shouldn't KnowHollywood and pop culture would have you believe that the nice guy wins the hot girl. This isn't the case the majority of the time. The guys who usually pour their hopes, dreams, secrets and feelings into a relationship are the guys who get the short end of the stick. That doesn't mean you should be the world's greatest liar towards your significant other! It means that you find a happy medium between omission and sweet silence. Regardless of what she says, trust us, you're girl doesn't want to know everything about you or your past. Ignorance is bliss so here is your guide on what not to tell your lady.

No.5 Your best friend's bad behavior

Birds of a feather flock together. If your best buddy is a lying, cheating man-whore, she's going to think the same about you. Whenever you come up with a clever rebuttal, her instincts will kick in and you'll have to go through plenty trials to prove yourself different. Leave his exploits out of the conversation….or else!

No.4 Your weakness and fears

We all have weaknesses, that doesn't mean your lady should know what they are! If your woman figures them out on her own, that's nearly impossible to avoid. However, you should not volunteer that valuable information. If you listen to many women who have a healthy relationship with their man, one of the top things that she values is feeling safe. A woman wants to feel that her man can protect her so you must be her knight in shining armor to some extent. If she finds out your just as scared of bugs as she is, you're on your own my friend.

No.3 Your feelings for your Ex

I made the mistake of comparing something my ex-girlfriend did to a current girlfriend at the time. This ushered me into a full on interrogation about my feelings towards the current relationship. Fellas, just leave your ex out of it. At best, tell her how much better she is. If she hears enough positive comments about your ex, she will think you still have feelings or maybe think being with her is a consolation prize to being with your old flame.

No.2 How much you masturbate

In a woman's mind, masturbation is cheating. She knows you're thinking about that hot blonde from from the mall or maybe even the hot weather girl from the Telemundo channel. So pleasing yourself to any image besides her, or even if she isn't around, will rub her the wrong way. Keep this one in private practice.

No.1 How many women you've actually had sex with

Just don't go there! Women are complex creatures. They love a man who is in demand by women, but they do not want to know how many he's actually conquered. At best, she will feel somewhat cheated as if she's not in an exclusive club of women. At worst, she may think you're the dirtiest man alive. The more people that obtain something, the less valuable it becomes. It's fine to reminisce on the conquests of your mighty campaigns…just don't tell her about it.

So the moral of the story is...5 Things Your Girlfriend Shouldn't Know

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