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5 Really Good Reasons To Hate Tim Tebow

5 Really Good Reasons To Hate Tim TebowTim Tebow is the most polarizing NFL player of recent memory. Either you love him or you hate him. We'll admit that there are plenty of reasons why he has so many rabid and aggressive fans. Don't get us wrong -- we believe Tim Tebow is a stand up guy on and off the field but why the extra attention to the former Florida Gator since he's turned pro? If you can't understand the fascination with the Denver QB, here's five really good reasons to why you shouldn't jump on the Tebow bandwagon anytime soon:

No.5 Goofy products

5 Really Good Reasons To Hate Tim TebowWe're used to players receiving a bevy of products named in their honor but Tebow-mania has spawned some truly baffling merchandise. Most notably, a Colorado brewing company created a Tim Tebow inspired beer dubbed "Tebrew". The beer depicts a silhouette of someone "Tebowing" while holding out a beer mug. If this isn't enough to make you naucious yet, a delusional Broncos fan went so far as to plaster "Jesus" on the back of a Tim Tebow jersey in homage to the Denver QB's devout religious practices. Inspirational? No. Blasphemous? Yes. He's hardly the second coming of John Elway, let alone the second coming of the son of God.

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