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10 Places To Skip For a First Date

10 Bad Date Ideas

We've all been there: a bad first date. If you haven't, you're lying to yourself. All great men have fallen to this tragedy. Most of the time, it's not who we chose to date but  it's where we chose to go on the date that is the issue. The #1 wish from women on a first date is to something creative. Although those possibilities are limitless, here are some places to avoid if you want to make a good first  impression.

The Movies

This can go either way. You could enjoy a good movie together or you could find yourself stuck in a horrible piece of cinema with a less than enthusiastic lady next to you. Most importantly, how can you talk and get to know your date in the middle of a feature? I'm sure you don't want to pay $11+ a piece to NOT watch the movie. Pass on this.

Sporting Events

Guys love sports. Most girls don't. It's a simple fact. It may be too early to show her how obssessed dedicated you are to your local team.

Night Clubs

This should be a no-brainer. The music is too loud, the drinks are too expensive and every guy in the room is trying to pull your date away from you. Good idea? We think not.

Comic Shows

If the comedian is bad, then that could pose a problem. On another note, your sense of humor may be totally opposite of hers. This may not be the setting you want to discover that.


This may be too intellectually stimulating for some women while others may stress themselves out trying to appear knowledgeable on 18th century neoclassical pieces. Unless she is an art buff, this may not be a good idea.

Family Functions

Just. Too. Soon. Do I need to explain this?

The Beach

This may make your date a little insecure to show off her beach body (if she has one) on the first date. On the other hand, this may serve good purpose as a post date, fully clothed, walking-the-sand type of thing. This is a tricky one, therefore avoid.


Your competitive juices may flow a little too much for this date idea. Plus, it comes across as juvenile. Only tread these waters with someone you've been dating for awhile.


Although this is an affordable, it could be a boring first date. If either of your conversational skills are not up to par, this may turn into a disaster. Proceed with caution.

Your apartment

Most women will think you are up to something and avoid this at all cost. If you want to play it safe, avoid this as a first date idea.

Don't worry though, come back soon and we will lay out some good first date ideas. We wouldn't leave you hanging!


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