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10 Most Devastating Jon Stewart Interviews

10 Most Devastating Jon Stewart Interviews

John Stewart is a pretty cool guy. If you're not an avid watcher of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, then you're missing out my friend. In an age of every news outlet claiming to be fair and balanced, Stewart's program seems to be the only one that is close to that moniker. Stewart has had some great interviews over the years. Pop Crunch has combined the best of the best in today's list:

10. Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson (2004)

Comedians from The Daily Show have a habit of being invited to places where they really shouldn’t be; Colbert’s appearance at the White House during the Bush administration is good evidence of that. Arguably Stewart’s most famous interview wasn’t part of his own show; it was his legendary 2004 appearance on CNN talk show Crossfire. Stewart arrived seething with pent-up rage at the entire news establishment and, without even attempting to play along with the show, proceeded to rip apart the entire format of Crossfire live on air, calling host Tucker Carlson a “dick” and accusing him and fellow host Paul Begala of being “partisan hacks” and “bad for America.” The audience could do nothing but laugh nervously and wonder if they’d wandered into an Andy Kaufman sketch. His appearance more or less single-handedly got the show pulled from the network, and it was off the air three months later.

9. President Barack Obama (2010)

Probably the last thing the President of the US expected on the liberal-leaning Daily Show was a grilling. Still annoyed, perhaps, by accusations that he went easy on former Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry, Stewart proceeded to batter Obama in front of a delighted audience by calling his attempts at reform “timid” and accusing him of doing little more than papering over corruption in Washington in the name of pragmatism. He grilled him particularly strongly about his hiring of Larry Summers, saying: “I remember you said we can’t expect different results from the same people. When you hired Larry Summers, I remember thinking ‘that sounds like the exact same person.’” Obama kept his cool under questioning but conceded that “Yes we can” may have been a bad slogan for his administration and that “Yes we can but it’s not going to happen overnight” would have been better.

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