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10 Dumb Lies Women Tell Men

10 Dumb Lies Women Tell Men

The great divide between men and women lies in communication. Admittingly, we as men may not find this to be our best attribute. Unless you were somehow born with the powers of telepathy, it's difficult to figure out what exactly a woman may be trying to communicate. You cannot rely on words alone. Sometimes she may say something and mean the exact opposite. This can drive any man nuts, so TruTV has created a list of 10 Dumb Lies Women Tell Men. If you're having trouble decoding what your significant other really means, here's your guide to weather the storm.

Lie #1: “Nothing’s wrong.”

The truth: Seriously? Of course something is wrong. Isn’t there always something wrong? If it isn’t his mangled toenail clippings smattering the bathroom floor, it’s his lack of empathy for the women on Army Wives. Sure, it’s sweet that a woman is willing to take it all in stride, but that’s only if stride doesn’t mean a death stare and a three-week dry spell.

Lie #2: “Size doesn’t matter.”

The truth: If McDonald’s two-story cheeseburgers and keg-sized sodas at the gas station can tell us anything about American culture, it’s that we like things big. Women are no exception, despite what they claim their thoughts are on the size subject. Guys, don’t get it twisted — a woman will tell you anything to stroke your ego (instead of, well), but the truth is, she loves you anyway, small peen and all.

Lie #3: “I’m cool with you going to a strip club.”

The truth: Men, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. This is actually a brilliant subterfuge passed down by great women since Helen of Troy. The woman gives the man just enough room to do something completely ridiculous and then uses her subsequent rage run amok for months, without repercussions. Are you really surprised we thought of this? I mean, if you weren’t with us for our quick wits, you’d obviously be dating a stripper.

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