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10 Androids That Outmuscle the iPhone

Samsung Nexus S

Social status has always depended on having certain material possessions. You could usually gauge someone's success by how big their house is, the type of clothing they may where or the type of car they may drive.

Let's now add the smart phone to that list. Today's technological status symbol has been defined by Apple’s iPhone. When Apple managed to corner the market on a budding field of mobile phone, you knew eventually there was going to be some strong competition. The first attempts at competing with the iPhone did not bode so well for some manufacturers (shout out to the Blackberry Storm!) but with the emergence of the Google's Android format, we have seen a surprising number of great alternatives to the iPhone.

I’ve owned an iPhone and a Droid phone over the past few years and I must say, I have no solid opinion on which is better. It all depends on your taste.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the iPhone, check out this full list of iPhone killers.

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